Barbara Edema

Alt="barbara edema" Featured Author Barbara Edema 

Barbara Edema has been a pastor for twenty three years. That sounds astonishingly boring. However, she is a great deal of fun, with a colorful vocabulary used regularly out of the pulpit. Barb has spent decades with people during holy and unholy times. She has been at her best and her worst in the lives of those she has cared for.

Now she’s writing about a fictional church based on her days serving many delightful and frustrating parishioners. Pastor Maggie is a young, impetuous, emotional, and clumsy—not to mention, a crazy cat lady—who steps into ministry full of Greek and Hebrew, but short on life experience. She learns quickly.

Barb lives in DeWitt, Michigan with her husband, Doug. She is the mother of Elise, Lauren, Alana, and Wesley. Like Maggie, Barb is a feline-loving female. Hence, she has collected an assortment of rescue kitties. 
Barb enjoys date nights with her husband, watching her children do great things in the world, a glass of good red wine, and making up stories about the fun and crazy life in the church. 

The fictional Loving the Lord Community Church is nestled in the sleepy small town of Cherish, Michigan (based on the real city of Chelsea, Michigan)

“To Love and To Cherish” was released in September 2015. 

The second book, “To Have and To Hold” was released February 14, 2017. From Pen-L Publishing

Look for the third book in the series, “For Richer, For Poorer” in the fall of 2017.