Raw, frank and blistering, Lisa Morgan’s ‘Love Has Many Faces’ embroils readers in what should have been a move to Uganda to start a new life of marriage and happiness; rapidly turned into lawless tragedy. Hailed by critics as an -Absolutely gripping read-, Morgan’s powerful true story reminds readers that love often has many dark corners.

When a British woman falls in love. She moves to Uganda to be with her Ugandan boyfriend. She later discovers the hard lessons of betrayal and is left penniless in a foreign land. She gets tangled into a web of lies, falls into the hands of corrupted police that turns her life into a living horror. For the first-time Lisa shares her spectacular true story on how she escaped from exile, with only the sheer power of the human spirit to claw her way back to freedom.


A deep intense drama, Love Has Many Faces is a true story of one woman’s harrowing tale of a period of time in her life where her struggle to live and survive in a foreign country is so hard, so unexpectedly difficult, unfortunate, and ultimately horrifying; all due to the man she loves and is engaged to be married to .

The story begins hopeful and adventurous. But soon becomes devastating and hopeless.

Lisa moves from England to Uganda to unite with and marry Boaz, as they were so in love. But she soon finds out there is more to Boaz than she ever dreamed possible. He becomes physically and emotionally abusive. True love. That’s what Lisa thought about her relationship with Boaz. He is charming and caring and said he loved her over and over. How could this have happened to her?

He takes her money and keeps her trapped in a lonely existence. As Lisa tries to make the best of her life in a foreign country where she knows only a handful of people, and with a boyfriend that is physically and mentally abusive, she tries to seek help from many different people and authorities.

She eventually does make some friends but, she also gets caught up in lies and entangled with the wrong side of the law.

Basically Lisa is stuck, with no money and nowhere to go. She keeps hoping that Boaz will change, as he pleads with her saying “how sorry he is,” after hitting her and busting open her lip. In the end, Lisa claws her way out, and there is a twist and a surprise in the book that readers don’t see coming. But I personally was happy that it happened and delighted to read it.

I was completely drawn into this true story of one women’s harrowing and terrifying experience.

Written by the author Lisa Morgan herself, she tells her story very well. It is well written and edited. It is candid, truthful and straightforward. I couldn’t put the book down. It reads like a fiction, but in actuality is a true story.

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