“Within the Heart of Silence” By James William Peercy & Jacqueline E. Smith

Within the Heart of Silence

A Collection of Words and Images.Featuring Poetry by James William Peercy & Photography by Jacqueline E. Smith

All that exist upon creation.
Open the search of what shall be.
Lift our hearts from consternation.
Grant our souls entwine,
Until all the world agree,
In the heart of silence.


Captivating, peaceful and stunning.

A beautiful, artful collection of poems and images. “Within The Heart of Silence” is a wonderful book of words and images that reach within the soul and imagination.
The photographs by Jacqueline E. Smith are lovely and a treat for the eyes, while the poetry written by James William Peercy is moving and lovely to read.

Together they have created a touching and thought provoking book that poetry lovers will cherish. It opens the reader’s eyes to the beautiful world we live in. Centered on nature, love, and life, it is filled with pleasant, meaningful thoughts and a visual journey that satisfies and touches the heart.

It brought up some of my own memories of travels and prompted me to want to see more of our world and the beauty of nature. I was caught up with feelings and deep emotion as I read the meaningful words. It caused me to contemplate things like love and hate, life, and nature.

The words and images worked well together, and it is apparent that much thought, consideration, and talent was put into this compilation art. I was deeply touched and even had a few tears at the beauty of the words and pictures. It had a calming effect on my spirit.

I am normally not a reader of poetry, but “Within the Heart of Silence” has introduced me to the wonderful world of the art and imagery of poetry. I recommend “Within the Heart of Silence” to all our readers, poetry lovers and those that are in need of a deep watering of the soul. I will be revisiting this book often.

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