Must Read “All of These Things” By Anna De Mattea


Sometimes, good people can do bad things, and Caroline De Andreis is about to learn that the hard way.

A week on the beach is exactly what her cousin and best friend, Sofie, insists she needs. Between Caroline’s full-time job as an accountant, minding her mother’s mental health, and feeling pressured into making her eccentric mother meet her boyfriend’s conventional family, Caroline’s patience is at an end. Leaving responsibilities behind suddenly feels like a good idea to her, too.

In Maine, the days blend into each other as worries of home drift away. Caroline’s inexplicably drawn to a gorgeous artist with a delicious accent, and his penchant for romance goes on to make her already complicated life speedily more intricate. There are consequences to face and tough choices to make, but will she abandon who she was for the woman she’s become, or will Caroline ultimately regret embracing life by the sea?


Splendid and engaging.

This is a story about Caroline. She is a kind but somewhat pessimistic young woman that works as an accountant and has to constantly deal with her mother’s mental health issues. She is also extremely pressured and reluctant to have her, off the wall, mother meet her boyfriend’s traditional family. She needs a break from it all. Her upbeat best friend and cousin, Sofie, suggests that Caroline take a short trip to get away from it all. So she decides to leave it all behind for a week on the beach in Maine. Although she completely enjoys her trip at the beach, she now has more complications added to her already complicated life. Caroline now has to sort things out. She has some difficult choices to make.

This novel has it all. It’s witty, charming, dramatic and smart. There are notes of love, joy, sadness and forgiveness. It is an excellent read. It is written from the point of view of the main character, Caroline.

With tidbits here and there of the thoughts of all the other characters. I absolutely love the way this story is written. It’s original and the author Anna De Mattea has a clear unique and different voice. It’s inspiring, compelling and encouraging tone, kept me feeling good. It is written in a simple enjoyable prose. It flows at a nice pace and held my interest throughout from beginning to end. I loved the telling of the descriptions of the settings. It had me desiring to be on the beach in Maine myself. I could almost smell the ocean and feel the sunshine.

I thoroughly enjoyed All of These Things. I was pulled in, engaged, and ate up every word.

The characters are all so well thought out and developed and I loved them all. They all seemed very realistic and complemented one another. There is plenty of romance along with strong emotional drama, good and bad. There are welcome surprises along the way. Overall this is a feel good book with a more than happy ending. The book cover is luscious. All of These Things is a true gem.

We recommend it to all chick lit and romance lovers. Pick up a copy for your summer read. You will be glad you did.

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