A Much Younger Man (Tryst Series Book 1) By Mia Fox


It was wrong, but maybe that’s why it felt so right.

We met when Cole tackled the thief who stole my purse. It was raining. I was cold and hurt. Cole rested a hand on my forearm to reassure me. His touch was warm, his voice soft and confident. Neither of us could look away from one another. And then he smiled. For the first time since my cheating ex left me with a mountain of debt, I felt alive and beautiful, again.

Cole’s thick thighs and ripped abs are the source of endless fantasies, but he’s also a gentleman who sheltered me from harm. Not to mention, the thrill of being noticed by a much younger man.

Later that night, I wrote a blog post about my forbidden fantasy. It went viral instantly. Now my boss at the online site where I freelance wants me to see Cole again and to post about the taboo romance that’s captured the attention of thousands of people online.

We’re both consenting adults. Should it matter that Cole’s half my age? Or that I’m doing this to help pay my bills?

Is being with Cole wrong or…oh-so-right


Engaging, sexy and romantic.

This somewhat taboo love story got my full attention from the very first chapter. Then, I couldn’t put it down. Our author, Mia Fox, takes us down a road of an attraction between a woman in her forties and a young man that is much younger than her. The main character, Kat, struggles with her emotions and feelings about being with such a younger man. But, plenty of men have younger women, so why does this have to be taboo. That was my thinking.

The beginning starts out with flirtation, attraction and excitement between the two of them. Then, we are taken on a ride of strong emotions of various types, along with adventure and action that comes as a surprise. All the while Kat is struggling with various emotions because of her relationship with Cole and it brings up feelings and things she must overcome. This is a love story and love has no borders, we love who we love.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

The characters are very realistic, likable and well developed. I really like the interaction between the various people, but especially between Kat and Cole. I was drawn into their lives and their struggles. The author weaved the characters into the plot perfectly. The storyline and plot are superbly written, and a lot of forethought obviously went into this story. Author Mia Fox has written a great work of fiction for those who crave something different, and would like a little forbidden love thrown into a great read..

This is a unique story and different than what I have read in quite a while. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. It is a smart, fast, and easy read, but not lacking in depth.

If you like a little sexy and slightly taboo read, mixed in with adventure, danger, and all kinds of emotion that will require some tissues, then this is the book for you.

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