Must Read ” Shore House Slumming” By Carli Palmer


Working as an editor in Seattle, Dana Kline led a happy life. She had great friends, a career she adored, and her health couldn’t be better. But everything about it was mundane and safe. EVERYTHING. No gamble would have made her change her ways, so life was going to change it for her. After an unexpected release from her job and then finding out that she would become practically homeless for the summer, Dana gathered her courage and found herself ready to try a new life in Florida. The only problem was getting herself across the nation on a tight budget, hardly any connections, and an unadventurous self. After many stops along both coastlines Dana finds out that it’s okay to let her hair down, meet new people, and try new escapades. Just as long as her sanity doesn’t fly away with the seagulls.


Dana Kline’s stable life in Seattle is simple, unremarkable and uneventful. She’s comfortable with the way things are and doesn’t see a need for change. However change is exactly what’s in store for her when her boss has to lay her off. But, he also tells her of a job in Florida as a columnist that pays double what she’s making now. With no other options, Dana decides to head down to Florida and take the job. Being that she is on a tight budget she has to drive to her new destination. Not only that, but along the way, she is forced to stay with and house sit for people that her family and friends hook her up with.

What ensues is a delightful adventure filled with fun, excitement and new experiences. Dana finally learns to let her guard down and enjoy herself. Even in the most amusing, slightly odd and peculiar situations Dana maintains and even thrives.

I loved Shore House Slumming. This is not your typical Chick Lit Read where there is romance and drama. This is different as it mainly focuses on the main character and her extremely amusing journey that changes her in such positive ways, that one could say that the trip changed her life.

The amusing, quirky, well written characters that she meets during her journey give the story depth and a delightful twist compared to your more ordinary reads. The characters and situations are extremely well woven into the plot. It held my attention and kept me laughing and wanting more.

I felt this story had a fast forward moving plot. I was totally sold out and loved the ending. By the end, because of her travels and experiences, Dana had a true sense of herself, other people and the importance of enjoying and making the most out of life. She had truly grown as a person.

The book is well balanced and realistic. There was enough going on to keep me turning the pages quickly desiring more and more. This really is a great satisfying enjoyable read.

Shore House Slumming is an amazing humorous and well penned read. We highly recommend it to all chick lit lovers and those who crave something different in a great read. Shore House Slumming-A great summer read.

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