Vixens of Vanishing Island By Candice Reed


It’s been a decade since TV reporter Audrey Walsh walked out of a luncheon in tears after a disagreement with nine of her girlfriends. Ten years have passed since she last spoke to the women she thought were her best friends. When an invitation comes from a mysterious person inviting her to star on a reality show called, Vixens of Vanishing Island, filmed on a remote island in Australia, Audrey jumps at the chance. But upon arriving, she experiences a shocking sense of déjà vu. Audrey and the nine other vixens are stunned to find out they have all been lured to the island, and the reunion quickly turns to heartbreak and horror as they are subsequently murdered one, by one. This novel was inspired by Agatha Christie’s bestseller, And Then There Were None.


Captivating, gripping and unique

Inspired by the bestselling Agatha Christie novel And Then There Were None, comes an exciting mystery novel worthy to be compared.

Audrey Walsh hasn’t seen nine of her best friends since the breakup ten years before. After being invited to do a reality show, she soon discovers and meets up with her nine friends again on an island in Australia. What could this mean? Why have they all been chosen for this show? Then to their horror, they eventually all begin to be murdered one by one.

This is a true irresistible nail biting murder mystery. I was on the edge of my seat turning the pages quickly with anticipation of who was committing these horrific murders. Just when I thought I may have figured it out another riveting twist would emerge. It is humorous at some points to keep it light and break some of the tension. But the horror of the murders and who is next will keep you gripping your seat.

I loved Vixens of Vanishing Island. It’s compelling, intriguing, sexy and fun. This book is written with much detail and forethought. The writing is excellent.

The plot was well thought out and moves quickly. The characters each with their own unique personalities are intricately woven into the storyline.

This is a great summer read with all of its beachy components. But I recommend it for anytime you’re craving a great true mystery. The twists and turns will keep you contemplating who done it, needing to know the truth. I loved the ending of this great read, as there is a surprise ending that is fulfilling for the reader. The book is authentic, unique and very well written. If you are a true mystery lover you will savor each page.

Author Candice Reed has successfully composed a great murder mystery book. Vixens of Vanishing Island is the first book in her up and coming “Beach Books” series.

We are anticipating her next installment in the series.

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