The Shopping Swap – By Erin Brady

Alt="The Shopping Swap"The Shopping Swap.– By Erin Brady

  Maggie Andrew has a problem. She needs to convince Richard, her attorney boyfriend of five years that he’s finally ready for a commitment. How? By planning an unforgettable night starting with a romantic dinner for two and ending in the bedroom. And to help things along, Maggie has spent half of her salary on sexy black lingerie from Crandall’s Department Store that Richard won’t be able to resist. Except, once home, Maggie realizes she has someone else’s shopping bag and instead of her very expensive lingerie, she’s stuck with a housecoat that wouldn’t turn anyone’s head, least of all Richards. When Maggie goes back to the scene of the swap, she runs into Benjamin Saunders, a tall, dark and handsome stranger, who not only has what she wants but may also turn out to have what she needs. Suddenly what Maggie thinks she has with Richard is called into question and she’s not sure of anything.


Unpredictable and delightfully original.

Main character, Maggie Andrew, thinks she loves Richard. She wants to convince him to make a permanent commitment. But when she encounters and meets the tall and handsome, Benjamin Saunders, her love for Richard suddenly becomes fickle and she becomes confused. What will she ultimately do? Benjamin seems to have what she longs for, desires and needs. As their friendship grows, Maggie wonders, is her relationship, feelings and love for Richard maybe not what she thought after all? Follow Maggie as she grows, changes and comes to some very real life changing conclusions.

The Shopping Swap is a heartfelt story with a deep meaningful message . It is a wholehearted look at want the heart seeks for, needs, and ultimately finds.

It is-laugh out loud-humorous, discerning and telling.

Erin Brady’s writing style is fun, exciting and original. I love her unique voice and her own original take on the chick litreads for women-genre.

The Shopping Swap is dazzling and bright. It is light and easy to read, yet deep and sincere. It is full of goodness with real emotions that make the reader smile, as well as, frown. Realistic and

Relatable, it is fulfilling, full of fun and hope. It is a feel good read that women will love, especially in today’s world when we need a really good escape.

This book has it all when it comes to great writing. It is composed with literary skill and talent.

The storyline and characters are very enjoyable, fully developed, realistic and smart. Although, some are not so likeable and meant to be that way.

The plot makes full sense and is written with a lot of forethought. The plot progresses and intertwines with the characters beautifully. I think many women have experienced what Maggie Andrew has gone through. We think we love someone and they are the one for us. But that is certainly not always the case. With an ending that will delight and satisfy readers, I know I can’t go wrong in recommending The Shopping Swap By Erin Brady to all our avid women readers.

Pick up a copy of this sweet short romance novel The Shopping Swap and enjoy.

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