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In C.A. Knutsen’s Emergence, Jim Post, the wealthy leader of Compass Enterprises, is a man of mystery whose off-the-charts intellect and physical prowess have sparked uneasy whispers. Then badly-burned human remains are found in the ashes of Post’s home in rural Southwest Washington State. Jim is missing. Is he the victim? Was it murder?

Post’s associates at Compass, dedicated to continuing his humanitarian mission in developing new technology, help investigate his disappearance. They’re aided by an advanced Artificial Intelligence that Post created, but conceal its existence from the police and a public not quite ready for full disclosure. When will the time be ripe for a revelation that will alter the future for everyone?

Compelling, gripping and absorbing.

In the small town of Frazier, Washington an unexplained house fire burns fiercely hot and out of control, leaving nothing behind except for a few human remains in the form of bones. Authorities and towns folk are confused and perplexed as the remains are unidentifiable, and the onset of the fire is yet to be identified.

Jim Post, a mysterious, wealthy businessman, and dedicated humanitarian, suddenly goes missing. Could he be the victim of the fire? After all it was his home. Was it an accident or intentional? Was Jim Post murdered? If so, who wanted this brilliant, humane man dead and why?

Enter Jeff Pierce, Jim Post’s business associate. He begins to help with the investigation. Jeff Pierce is determined to find answers as he works with authorities and secretly utilizes an artificial intelligence program that Jim Post had created before he disappeared.

Emergence is a fast paced science fiction tale filled with mystery and intrigue.
It is an enthralling, mind-stimulating read. From one chapter to the next, C.A. Knutsen takes readers on a journey from the crime scene investigation to the interesting life and childhood of Jim Post.
Readers will get caught up in both the investigation of the crime and the subjects of DNA and evolution of humankind.

C.A. Knutsen has created a clever intellectual piece of visionary fiction.
The characters are well developed and woven into the plot with precision and forethought.Each character is unique and interesting, and a vital part of the story. With a lot of activity occurring, there is also much substantiated material integrated into the storyline.

The premise of the story fringes on the unknown and what could be in the world of technology.
A very smart and thought-provoking read. Readers will be turning the pages quickly as they are mesmerized by the thread of mystery and the scientific components that are the fabric of this great novel.

Emergence is an exceptional, well-researched narrative with vivid descriptions and an ending that will satisfy readers.

We are looking forward to more novels by the author of this fascinating book, C.A. Knutsen.
Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends Emergence.

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  1. awesome book review. This sounds like an excellent novel. I really like the whole scientific and technology idea.

    1. Hi Tao,
      I agree. They write outstanding reviews. They’ve read the book and write about it very well.

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    1. Thanks, Paulo. I hope you get a chance to read it. I thought ChicLit did a great job reviewing it.