Strong To The Bone-A Caitlin Strong Novel- By Jon Land

Strong to the Bone by Jon Land

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Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong takes on a gang of neo-Nazis in Strong to the Bone, an action-packed novel of the critically acclaimed Caitlin Strong series by Jon Land

1944: Texas Ranger Jim Strong investigates a triple murder inside a Nazi POW camp in Texas.

The Present: His daughter, fifth generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong, finds herself pursuing the killer her father never caught in the most personal case of her career—a conspiracy stretching from that Nazi POW camp to a modern-day neo-Nazi gang.

A sinister movement has emerged from the shadows of history, determined to undermine the American way of life. Its leader, Armand Fisker, has an army at his disposal, a deadly bio-weapon, and a reputation for being unbeatable. But he’s never taken on the likes of Caitlin Strong and her outlaw lover, Cort Wesley Masters.
To prevent an unspeakable cataclysm, Caitlin and Cort Wesley must win a war the world thought was over.


Fifth generation Texas Ranger, Caitlin Strong, is just that, “strong” and relentless, as she inadvertently picks up where her own Texas Ranger grandfather left off in the pursuit of a killer her grandfather failed to apprehend during his career back in the 40’s. She decides to undertake the quest to find the murderer and investigate the conspiracy that goes all the way back to World War II and the time her grandfather worked the case.  She investigates and examines the scheme and conspiracy that stretches from a Nazi POW camp based in Texas to a present post-war neo-Nazi gang.

Because her grandfather was so closely related to and intent on the case, Caitlin takes it on as a personal vendetta and with a vengeance. It becomes the case of her life and career. But Caitlin and her bandito of a lover, Cort Wesley Masters, are challenged and faced with an arsenal of deadly forces led by the leader of this corrupt and evil gang of neo-Nazis, they are in a war of sorts and a fight to the finish.

Strong to the Bone” is smart, harrowing and phenomenal. It starts out strong and is action packed throughout, full of mystery and intrigue with twists and turns at every corner. It has the very best components of a great thriller and will keep the reader glued to the pages in anticipation and excitement.

The main character, Caitlin Strong has unrelenting strength, smarts and determination which she needs to determine her enemies and pursue them no matter what the consequences. She is courageous and unwilling to lose this battle that her grandfather started long ago. As she tracks and follows leads, she is continually faced with danger and even death.

I was completely enthralled with this fast paced, exciting, well researched, and thought out thriller, the plot full of characters interwoven with great precision.

Strong to the Bone is a 5-star read that will captivate the reader’s imagination while giving them an interesting glimpse into a neo-Nazi regime that somewhat and on some levels still plagues our society today. Praise for Jon Land and Strong to the Bone, an incredible read.

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