Onslow Gardens: A Dream House and a Neighbour – Natalie Summersby

by Natalie Summersby
Genres: Chick Lit, Mystery, Romantic Comedy
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="onslow gardens"Onslow Gardens: A Dream House and a Neighbour  by Natalie Summersby


Violet is living in her dream house in Onslow Gardens which by luck comes with a dream neighbour, John.

Violet is content with her lifestyle, but not with the long hours working for her wicked boss in order to pay for it. When she quits her job on the spur of the moment, she finally has time to step back and catch up with friends, neighbours… and John.

But before too long John goes on an enigmatic trip at the same time as Scotland Yard is on her doorstep asking questions about a mysterious computer hack that was perpetrated from her house.

Violet has to make a decision about how to earn a living, but she is distracted by ditzy, glitzy Ekaterina; finding out John’s whereabouts, and being interrogated by the rather attractive Scotland Yard inspector.


Violet is a lovely young woman that is living in the house of her dreams, Onslow Gardens. She feels very fortunate, happy and content to be living there. Her house comes with a very attractive neighbour, John, which is also a plus for living where she does. She is pleased with her life, but she works long hours for her boss whom is atrocious, to say the least. But she must work for him in order to pay for her beautiful home.

After having enough of her boss, Violet up and quits her job. Now she has time to get to know her amazing neighbor John. But soon afterwards, John takes a mysterious trip, and a Scotland Yard inspector comes knocking at her door declaring that a computer hack was committed from her house. Violet doesn’t know what is going on, and she needs to find another job quickly.

But her efforts are stalled and she gets preoccupied by the whimsical, superficial Ekaterina, and with the inspector, whom is also very attractive. And she must find out where John is and what he’s up to.

Onslow Gardens: A Dream House and a Neighbour is a contemporary romance filled with mystery and intrigue. It is a humorous, fun and delightful easy read. I was impressed by the way author Natalie Summersby was able to write a story that is a thriller as well as a humorous romantic comedy.

It is set in the heart of London, which the author really brings to life. I enjoyed reading about the portrait of London and the various other settings, people and Onslow Gardens, itself.

This is a feel good read that transports readers to a happy thrilling place. The mystery of the storyline is well written as the author weaves it well within the plot.

It’s a rather short book, and the author packs a lot of originality and creativity into the story. The characters have great personalities and are very intriguing and amusing. They have real to life emotions and readers will relate well with the various characters. Violet is a delightful character and I fell in love with her persona. The male characters are particularly likeable, and interesting.

I loved the way the author, Natalie Summersby, portrays everyday life in London. It is exciting and charming as well, and it caused me to want to visit or even live there. I was fully engaged from the beginning of the story to the satisfying unpredictable end.

I loved Onslow Gardens: A Dream House and a Neighbor. It’s a captivating chick lit style read with extra added original elements. I was definitely impressed and enjoyed the original dialog between the characters. It’s just a delightful, romantic and mysterious story and I highly recommend it to all readers that love a good romantic comedy, thriller and mystery read.

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