Bud by the Grace of God by S.E. Sasaki

by S.E. Sasaki
Genres: Crime, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="bud"Bud by the Grace of God: Book Two of the Grace Lord Series by S.E. Sasaki



Bud is an android with an AI’s intelligence and the physical appearance of a Greek god. He would do anything for Dr. Grace Lord, the new surgeon on the Nelson Mandela Medical Space Station. He knows that it is forbidden to love a human, but ‘he’ is struggling with newfound emotions that were previously nonexistent.

Androids are beneath human notice in Grace’s world, little more than robots. People would see Grace as a pervert or worse, if she paid attention to Bud. But she is starting to have feelings for the android that would be frowned upon. When Grace’s life is threatened and the space station is about to self-destruct, Bud sacrifices himself to try and stop the station’s power generators from destroying everyone he cares about. Left a burnt out husk from radiation, can Grace bring Bud back?

Step onto the Nelson Mandela Medical Space Station and hang on for the ride!


The Nelson Mandela Medical Space Station, during a time of interplanetary war, is a hospital space station that creates and treats soldiers made up of men and women that have been modified and given animal like bodies, like polar bears, panthers, etc. The hospital surgically modifies these soldiers and treats them when they are wounded.

Our main characters are Dr. Grace Lord, the new surgeon on the space station, and Bud, an android with amazing physical attributes and capabilities. Dr. Grace Lord and Bud, the android, have feelings for one another – but it is taboo.

The space station becomes threatened and Grace’s life is in imminent danger. Bud, determined to save Dr. Grace Lord and everyone else that he cares about, sacrifices himself to save them. Now he is damaged and he looks beyond repair, and Dr. Grace Lord wants to repair him – but can she?

Bud by the Grace of God is the thrilling sequel to S.E. Sasaki’s compelling and hilarious “Welcome to the Madhouse.” After reading “Welcome to the Madhouse,” I didn’t think that it could get any better, but it does in Bud by the Grace of God. S.E. Sasaki has done a stupendous job in writing and developing the sequel. It’s absolutely fabulous.

After the defeat of a deadly virus in Welcome to the Madhouse, Dr. Lord, Bud and Al-Fadi (Grace’s boss) continue to work on the Nelson Mandela Medical Space Station managing and attending to soldiers of the Union of Solar Systems

With all the great characters this book has, one cannot help but to love it. They are well developed through their dialog and the narration of the story. The characters are likable, except for the horrible nemesis Dr. Jeffrey Nestor, who is blamed for a murder that has occurred on the outside of the armory, in retaliation towards Dr. Grace and Bud for stopping his attempts with the previous virus outbreak. He is an important and interesting character to the story, however, very vile and dangerous.

This second installment in the Grace Lord Series is a captivating, humorous and thrilling story that I could not put down and read it late into the night.

As S.E. Sasaki pushes forward in this original story, we find many exciting elements that are necessary to great hard science fiction tales. The story is confined to the space station but S.E. Sasaki has managed to create a marvelous and dangerous world within itself. She also asks the question of ethics concerning the androids and animal hybrids. She cleverly treats the readers to some horror type scenes as well. So, we have hilarious humor mixed in with inky bloodshed and violence. A great fascinating combination.

I was fully captivated by Bud by the Grace of God. It is very thought-provoking and tremendously entertaining – hard to put down. Even those who don’t normally go in for science fiction, would thoroughly enjoy this book. It is intriguing, unique and interesting – fully entertaining.

The storyline moves rather fast with the plot being fully understood even though it is complex. The descriptive writing, mostly done through the dialog, is genius.

Bud by the Grace of God is a funny, romance, crime and thriller novel that can’t be missed. It is well written with expert medical knowledge and criminal investigations going on. In fact, there is a lot going on for readers to enjoy in this highly hypnotizing book.

S.E. Sasaki has excellent writing skills evident in Welcome to the Madhouse and Bud by the Grace of God. I can’t speak highly enough of this writer’s creativity and originality when composing stories. She is a must read author.

I highly recommend Bud by the Grace of God to all avid readers and for those looking for a great escape into another world.

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