The Day of the Funeral by Mrs. Nicole Paton Schofield

by Mrs. Nicole Paton Schofield
Genres: Contemporary, Drama
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt-"the day of the funeral"The Day of the Funeral by Mrs. Nicole Paton Schofield


Everyone dreams of meeting their soulmate. Little girls fantasize about it from the time they can play dress up. For Payton Andrews this dream was a reality. Her and her husband Steve did everything together; they lived a thousand lives in the short twenty years they were as one, united by a love that few experience in their lifetimes until one evening Steven dies suddenly leaving Payton and her naturally passive aggressive persona to step up and face her fears. Realizations start to set in about her life that were too painful to acknowledge in the past, how will she be able to go on living her co-defendant lifestyle without the person she depends on most? Can this black sheep handle the strain and her in laws or will she avoid the confrontation as usual and slip into the comfort of being a doormat for both sides of the family to trample on. How will she do it without her rock?

Join Payton as she goes through the motions of another day in her life, getting dressed, making sure everyone is fed, walking the dog, with the exception of preparing for her husband’s funeral. Focusing on her memories of their twenty year relationship and all of the absurd issues that have to be dealt with; From a seemingly self-centered sister and the usual everyday guilt to managing her own overwhelming emotions all while trying to be strong and console her two teenage children. She takes a trip down memory lane reliving Steven and her mundane life mulling over the usual regrets while finding comfort in the good times.


Payton Andrews has recently lost her husband. It’s been three days since he passed away. Payton wakes up, thinking it’s another normal day. She can’t recall what day it is at first. Then she remembers, it’s the day of her dear husband’s funeral. Having been together for twenty years, they were inseparable and deeply in love. They have two teenagers and a dog. Now Payton is left to carry on her life, taking care of the kids, the dog and all the responsibilities.

The Day of the Funeral is the story of one day in the life of a woman who just lost her husband to death. It is the day of the funeral and Payton Andrews is doing her daily routine while recalling her life and marriage to Steve her recently deceased husband. They had a special soulmate connection and were somewhat co-dependent. Now Payton must carry on.

I loved The Day of the Funeral by Mrs. Nicole Paton Schofield. The main character, Payton, is narrating the story as she reminisces her life with Steve. The entire book is set on the one day of the funeral with Payton remembering and describing events and her life with Steve.

I found this book to be very brilliant in its composition and premise. It is unique with an original voice. There is quite a bit of emotion written into the storyline and I felt many strong feelings while reading it. The characters are relatable and well developed. Mrs. Nicole Paton Schofield has done a magnificent job in weaving the characters into the storyline. This is a fabulous heartwarming story that can’t be missed. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends it to all avid readers.

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