Gecko Tales by the Gecko Gals Inc – Book Review

by Gecko Gals Inc
Genres: Short Story
Format: Kindle

Alt="the gecko tales"Gecko Tales by the Gecko Gals Inc


Gecko Tales is a short story collection written by the members of Gecko Gals Ink. Five sassy authors who are differently expertised share their favorite short stories. The collection includes fantasy, mystery, humor, and inspirational tales. This collection is a diverse and unique blend of stories from five very talented gals.


Praise for the Gecko Gals short story collection. From five talented writers comes some of the best short stories I have ever read. Authors, Carol Costa, D.H. Tremont, Mary Ann Hutchison, Jude Johnson and Ashleen O’Gaea all conspire to bring together an array of wonderful short stories entitled Gecko Tales. These spunky, feisty authors are gifted in the art of storytelling which is inherently obvious in this great collection of various tales.

From mystery, humor and fantasy to engaging inspirational tales, these five authors show their writing skills and creativity in a large way. Each author has a different expertise and style from the next, which makes for a grand collection all together. With wit and charm, we have some excellent stories and tales that readers will be enchanted by

Some of the titles include; Heartbreak Motel, Secret Ingredient, Insanity by Degree, Seascapes, Lorcan and the Witch and more exciting satisfying entries. I was unable to pick a favorite, as they are all engaging, compelling, interesting and fun. The writing is superb and we can tell that these are all seasoned expert writers.

I love short stories with a punch, and these don’t disappoint but rather fascinated me as I turned the pages quickly to read what was coming next. Gecko Tales is a diverse and delightful collection of engrossing stories that shouldn’t be missed.

If you love a mix of different genres within one fabulous entertaining book, written by five experienced sassy writers, then look no further than the Gecko Tales by the members of the Gecko Gals Inc.

Readers will delight and marvel in these fantastic and captivating works of fiction.

Gecko Tales is highly recommended by Chick Lit Cafe

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