Lynne Heuermann – Sophia and the Spirits

by Lynne Heuermann
Genres: Children, Supernatural
Format: Kindle

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Sophia and the Spirits is a book that teaches children about the different types of spirits that are around us all the time. It helps kids to be able to tell the difference between the good spirits and the not so good spirits. Through Sophia, you can learn the tools needed if there is a not so good spirit around, to be able to move them on. This can be very empowering!

Sophia’s story helps kids who can see and communicate with spirits know that they are not going crazy, they’re not alone, and that there are many people like them. It can also help the parents of these kids to gain a better understanding of what their child is going through and how to assist them on their journey.

Sophia and the Spirits is a fun way to teach our kids about the different realities that are all around us and can be used as a resource book when dealing with children who have the ability to see and communicate with these spirits.


Sophia and the Spirits is an insightful fun story about a girl named Sophia. Sophia can see and communicate with various spirits and entities. It’s not just her imagination as her nanny can see the spirits and communicate with them as well. Sophia’s nanny teaches Sophia how to help the lost spirits go to the light. She also helps teach her how to rid herself of the evil monster spirits by calling upon the archangel Michael. Sophia’s mother has accepted and believes that she is really seeing and communicating with the spirits. So, luckily, Sophia has support from her family members. But, some kids that do see spirits of various kinds, are confused and without adult support.

Sophia and the Spirits is a book written to help children that have imaginary friends and can see and communicate with the spirit realm. The imaginary friends are actually good spirits that interact with the child. They are the child’s spirit guides. Lynne Heuermann has written a very special book for children that do see spirits and can communicate with them. She teaches the children the difference between the various spirits and how the child should deal with each of them.

Sophia and the Spirits is a very informative yet simple to understand children’s book. Children will learn that they are not the only one’s seeing and communicating with the spirits. This will give the child comfort and a feeling of control.

Sophia and the Spirits is also a very good book for parents of children that claim to have imaginary friends and see spirits. It helps parents realize that there is some truth to these occurrences and that they should take their child seriously and believe them.

Author Lynne Heuermann relates that there is nothing to be afraid of regarding the various types of spirits. That there is a simple way to rid and deal with the more evil ones. And that the others can be a welcome help in time of need and that the good spirits are there for protection and guidance.

I believe in the spirit realm myself. I think this is a fabulous engaging book for children to learn that they are not alone and how to handle the spirits in their young lives.

The book is well written with great characters and dialog. This is a must read for any child that claims to have imaginary friends or state that they see spirits and communicate with them. It would be well advised for parents to pay attention to the things their children share with them. Pick up this book to help your child through what could be a difficult time, but in this book it is made simple and easy to understand and deal with.

Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends Sophia and the Spirits by Lynne Heuermann

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