Love Hard by Barbara Justice – Book Review

by Barbara Justice
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="love hard"Love Hard by Barbara Justice


Meg Novak is a dedicated trauma unit nurse with a painful secret. Although she is wary of relationships, when her best friend invites her to go backstage at a concert by the Johnson Bishop Band, one of country music’s biggest acts, she agrees to go along. Meg catches the eye of Sky Johnson, the band’s hot lead singer with a bad-boy reputation, and he asks her to an after-party later that evening. When they spend the night talking, Sky takes Meg’s number and promises to call her, but never does. Just when she begins to lose hope, a motorcycle accident reunites them, and sparks fly. But a delusional fan is determined to land Sky for herself, regardless of the cost, putting lives in danger…

“Work hard, play hard” is Sky’s life motto. Can Meg teach him how to love hard?

Love Hard takes the reader on a steamy trip from Nashville to the Hamptons, on tour buses and private jets, testing the limits of love, obsession and jealousy.

*****Love Hard is the second book in the Anything But Mine series, which follows the women of the LaBella and Novak families, and their friends. Each book can be read as a stand-alone.


Meg Novak gets invited by her best friend to go backstage at a country music concert. There she meets the alluring and bad boy Sky Johnson. Sparks fly as they talk all night. But Sky promises to call her and never does. Not all is lost as they meet up again and their romance begins to take off.

Sky is a hard worker and he plays hard too. With other women after Sky, can Meg make Sky love her fully?

I absolutely loved Love Hard by Barbara Justice. It is a fast paced romantic story filled with intrigue, jet setting and excitement. The plot and storyline is genius and held me captive throughout the entire story. I loved the excitement of the country music scene. There are many characters that are well developed and fleshed out. I could totally relate to Meg. You can’t help but to love these fabulous characters.

Sky and Meg’s relationship engaged me and I kept rooting for them. Meg is intelligent and strong and I was fully engrossed by her story.

I was very impressed with the dialog between the characters. It is very well written. It is a sexy story with many twists and turns. I couldn’t put it down, I was that into it. Barbara Justice has a unique voice with original stories to tell.

I became very emotional at many points and even cried a little. This book really captivated me in an extraordinary way. This is a must read story. There is a lot going on in this excellent novel. It is easy to read and follow the characters and plot.

The ending was fabulous but kept me wanting more. I’m looking forward to reading Barbara Justice’s next installment. Chick Lit Cafe recommends Love Hard to all romantic fiction lovers and those that love country music. You can listen to Barbara Justice’s playlist that goes along with the book on Spotify. It really adds a nice touch. I loved it!

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