Stellar by Kevin Hollingsworth – Poetry Review

by Kevin Hollingsworth
Genres: Poetry, Prose
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="stellar"Stellar by Kevin Hollingsworth

“Stellar” is an interesting as well as compelling book of prose poetry that encompasses the wonderment of love. Further, stories of romance, love, and tragedy are told creatively through the eyes of 107 poems. In “Stellar” one will have a chance to go on an odyssey of figurative language, and will also get a refreshing sense of the human condition that we all need, and yearn for love. In “Stellar” one will also have a unique opportunity to view emotionalism seemingly painted by the masters. In reality, however, these poetic words of distinction cannot fit on a canvas, but are to be read on paper, and enjoyed by you and your imagination.


Stellar by Kevin Hollingsworth is a stunning collection of imaginative prose poetry. The writings are based on and about love, specifically towards the female sex. It is compelling and delightful. Full of emotion and sentiment, readers will be enabled to indulge themselves fully. Kevin Hollingsworth seems to write from experience in this beautiful poetry book about the beauty of love. The poems do include the subject of making love, but it is tastefully written and not in the erotic genre whatsoever. They are written from a male’s point of view which I found very stimulating and interesting.

Each poem’s characteristics revolve around the theme of love, discovering love, losing a love, the tragedy of love, or looking for someone to love. The author seems to have experienced all of these themes of love. Yet, he doesn’t fault the woman when it comes to the loss of love. I found that aspect to be very refreshing, mature and endearing.

The poems themselves flow with ease and speak to the heart of the reader. My heart was touched immensely and I thoroughly enjoyed every single beautiful word. This isn’t a rhyming poetry book but more of an informal book of prose poetry. The language was easy to understand and simple to read, each line is easy to decipher relating the full meaning of the poem. It was just a delight to read. It is filled with emotion and wonderment and it helped me to understand my own feelings on the subject of love better.

Many of the poems are titled with a woman’s name, indicating personal experience with love, heartbreak and longing for each of these women. The poetry is very hopeful and inspirational overall.

Stellar is seriously one of the best prose poetry books that I have ever read. I will be reading it again and again. It’s just that captivating and even entertaining. It is deep and complete, with such meaning and sentiment that my heart overflowed with feelings, revelation and recollection of my own experiences.

Stellar reads like a chronicle of the love and the beauty that this life we live holds. It’s a cascade of love and beauty in different personifications. It is graceful and filled with lyrical passages. Certain poems almost remind me of The Song of Songs in the Bible. My soul was refreshed and touched deeply while reading Stellar.

Stellar is a must read collection of prose poetry. If you have ever loved, lost a love, longed for love or want to be reminded of the beauty of life and love, then this is the book for you. If you don’t normally read poetry, you will really be missing out if you don’t pick up a copy of Stellar. Chick Lit Café highly recommends this original, unique and exquisite book of prose poetry to all readers everywhere. It will touch and enrich your spirit, soul and emotions. It is unlike any poetry book I have ever read!

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  2. I, too, found Stellar to be a wonderful collection of prose poetry that flowed across my lips easily. It is written in a way that is raw and true to life. Mr. Hollingsworth is an writer that stirs up emotion and happy memories within my soul. ~Dawn