Some Guy – The Wall: Guardian’s Redemption

by Some Guy
Genres: Graphic, Horror, Paranormal, Supernatural
Format: Kindle, Paperback


Volume One – Guardian’s Redemption

Joey Gunns an ex. UN Special Forces mercenary, reluctantly takes an assignment doing muscle work for the POTUS. A series of unfortunate events unfold leaving Gunns to choose between his beloved band of brothers, his moral conscience, or his own ambitions.

Which one will he choose?….  Read volume one to find out


The Wall: Guardian’s Redemption by Some Guy is a spectacular science fiction/fantasy read with paranormal, horror and supernatural elements throughout. Five members of an elite special ops team, led by Joey Gunns, come face to face with variations of strained, high pressure and intense situations. They must provide security for the President of the United States, Jonathan Rothschild’s, wife and two children during the time of the unveiling of the expected and much anticipated wall. During the ceremony things go very wrong. What ensues is a course of events that leads readers through an exciting domino effect which propels the plot and subsequently brings them to the story’s exhilarating conclusion.

The Wall: Guardian’s Redemption by Some Guy is not only about catching the bad guys but it’s about redemption and absolution. Right from the very first chapter, the story starts off running as we see Gunn being tortured for information. I was completely caught up in the story from the get go. Full of action and exploits, The Wall: Guardians Redemption will keep readers engaged from start to finish. There are supernatural battles, suspense filled situations and horrific warfare.

This is a short book packed with action, intrigue and excitement. It is a simple to read book but not lacking in quality of writing. It is a professional polished work of fiction that readers will be enthralled with. It is a real page turner which I couldn’t put down and read it straight through from beginning to end in one sitting. It is a one of a kind story. And the best book in its genre that I have ever read.

The story gives readers an eye opening deep look into the horrors of war while relating some amusing and fun supernatural and horror elements. The Wall has it all. Along with the horror elements this is a fun book to read as well.

Thrilling and action packed The Wall is a nail biting, spine tingling read. The characters are well developed and realistic. They are relatable and fully fleshed out. The dialog between them caused me to feel connected to them in a deep way. And, I cared about many of the characters by the end of the story. The descriptions are written in a way that I could envision the scenes and felt like I was looking on with clarity as I read on.

I loved The Wall: Guardians Redemption. It is a must read graphic novella with excellent illustrations. The storyline and plot is complete with nothing missing. The composition is exceptional and very well written. It is a phenomenal paranormal, horror and supernatural read. This book will appeal to many readers. If you like the supernatural genre with a good amount of violence with exciting nail biting scenes, then you will love The Wall: Guardians Redemption by Some Guy. It is completely entertaining and will keep readers fully engaged. I highly recommend it to all avid readers, and I am looking forward to the next outstanding volume in the series.

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