Are You Happy? by Lea Colleens – Book Review

by Lea Colleens
Genres: Inspirational, Self Help
Format: Kindle

Alt="are you happy"Are You Happy?: A guidebook on how to earn happiness by Lea Colleens


It’s a simple question, right?

Well, maybe not, when typical responses tend to be like:

“I guess so.”

“Sure, I suppose.”

“Well, I’ve got no complaints.”

What about you? Are you happy? Or not so sure?

Of course you’re not sure. You can’t be sure. Why? Because you don’t even know what happiness is.

Philosophers and self-help gurus have failed you; have failed to give you a solid, quantifiable, measurable and practical definition of what happiness is and how to get it.

But now, for the first time, ‘Are You Happy?’ changes all that.

Frank, honest and pulling no punches, ‘Are You Happy?’ launches you on a journey to find the forgotten you – the real you that wants to be happy. Very clearly, step-by-step, it defines Happiness, explains what makes you tick and then details exactly how you can earn Happiness. In other words, ‘Are You Happy?’ provides you with the recipe for the most wonderful treat of your life – Happiness.


Are You Happy?: A guidebook on how to earn happiness by Lea Colleens, promises readers, not only the definition of happiness, but how we can achieve it. This book does not disappoint. I was very pleased with the researched information contained within and found myself fully engaged and appreciative as I read the tips and steps within. This highly authoritative book explains to readers how the brain works in regards to happiness. It explains that we do not find happiness but rather earn it by commanding our mind and ego.

Author Lea Colleens offers up steps, diagrams, comparison charts, pros and cons and many ways to implement the task of “earning” happiness. We are educated on the difference between attention and affection. By practicing various techniques, we will slowly learn the keys for achieving happiness. These techniques are from her discoveries as she went on her own personal journey toward earning happiness.

This is a profound thought provoking book that everyone must read. As the author states, most of us can not clearly define whether we are truly happy or not.
This is an easy quick read that will captivate reader’s attention. It is informative and thorough. Readers will be turning the pages quickly as they learn the techniques within and begin to apply them.

I enjoyed the writing style along with the illustrations. It is a highly polished book and very well composed.

Readers are taken on a journey to find happiness and live a fulfilled life. With practical steps and easy to follow instructions, readers are sure to glean gems from this book. The subject and importance of relationships is emphasized and stressed. The importance of choosing our associations is highlighted.

I found Are You Happy?: A guidebook on how to earn happiness by Lea Colleens to be a very helpful and life altering book. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends this book to all people who are seeking a happier, fulfilled and joyful life. It’s one of the best books on discovering happiness that I have ever read.

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