Love, Across the Divide by Krystal Ford – Book Review

by Krystal Ford
Genres: Contemporary, Political, Romance
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="love across the divide"Love, Across the Divide by Krystal Ford


On the eve of the 2016 elections, young Republican Megan Thompson faces a once-in-a lifetime opportunity when her boss decides to groom her to run for his congressional seat in 2018. Ambitious and pragmatic, Megan is missing just one thing: a wealthy, well-connected trophy husband.

So, when Megan moves from Florida to DC and lets the congressman broker a power match, she’s looking to get down to work, not fall in love. And she’s definitely not looking to make nice with her new roommate, Andrew Croswell, a liberal environmentalist determined to make her life hell.

After a series of unpleasant blind dates, Megan begins to lose hope of finding her shiny white Republican knight in time to boost her appeal to donors and voters. At last she hits it off with Brock, a dashing, Don DraperEsque spokesman for the NRA, and even love-shy Megan thinks he could be “the one.” But as the year progresses, she and Andrew start getting along a little too well, and Megan finds herself second-guessing all her well-laid plans.

Things start spinning out of control when a special election pushes everything up by a year. As Megan races against the clock, she’ll do anything to win—almost. Now she must choose: career over love, or love over politics?

Across the Divide follows genuine, familiar characters from both sides of the aisle, smashing stereotypes and striving to make sense of our not-so-brave new world. Most of all, it asks a crucial question: Can love bridge the great American divide?


Megan Thompson has been working hard for her boss, Mr. White, to be re-elected to his Republican seat in congress. In the meantime her boss wants to groom Megan to run for his congressional seat in 2018. Megan has everything it takes, but she is lacking an important component-a rich upstanding husband that is well connected in the political arena. During a time of political upheaval with the newly elected President Trump, Megan must work harder than ever to find the right husband and gain political favor.

She goes on many blind dates that don’t work out. To make matters worse, she gains a new roommate Andrew Croswell, who is a “liberal.” Even though they are on different sides, sparks do begin to fly as Megan and Andrew get to know each other, spend time together, and share ideas while sharing their lives together under one roof.

Love, Across the Divide by Krystal Ford is a richly written love story between a Republican and a Democrat. Its unlikely premise ends up working out well and the story ends up being very compelling, interesting and engaging. This story helps readers to better understand both sides while giving a fun exciting love story as well.

The characters are fabulous, very real and human. They are rich in detail and fully developed. I loved the relationship and dialog between the two main characters, Megan and Andrew. They are very realistic and have likable personalities. At the onset, they disliked one another which caused a certain amount of welcomed conflict. But as time went on they began to fall in love. They had many obstacles to overcome and I was anticipating whether they would eventually make it across the divide.

I thoroughly enjoyed Love, Across the Divide by Krystal Ford. Its unique plot had me turning the pages quickly, earnestly wanting to know what would happen next. Although this book has a lot to do with politics, its primary focus is on the unlikely romance and love story. It is captivating, original and extremely well written and finely researched.

This story will have readers smiling and thinking about the possibilities of love and friendships across the political divide. With today’s political confusion, this is a timely excellent read. Families, friendships and relationships have been divided due to politics, and Krystal Ford aptly brings this problem into focus.

The rich details of the descriptions are vivid and visually appealing. Everything from the settings to the food and wine bring a satisfying feature to the story. My imagination was fully satisfied.

Love, Across the Divide by Krystal Ford is a must read modern day love story filled with romance, conflict and everything a reader would want in a great read. It is humorous as well. I found it to be a very entertaining and fun story to read. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends it to all political junkies, and especially to those that love an exceptional romance story. It is filled with twists and turns, and has an exciting unexpected plot with a remarkable conclusion. 5 Stars for Love, Across the Divide by Krystal Ford

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