Amazing Grace by S.E. Sasaki – Book Review

by S.E. Sasaki
Genres: Science Fiction
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="amazing grace"Amazing Grace: Book Three of The Grace Lord Series by S.E. Sasaki


Newcomers arrive on the Nelson Mandela Medical Space Station continuously: ship crews, new medical staff, casualties within cryopods, and occasionally, the unexpected or unwelcome. When a new ship called the Inferno docks at the station, offloading six patients in cryopods, it at first garners little attention. But then a series of catastrophic events throw the station into turmoil and the lives of everyone on board the medical station are threatened. With the station AI unresponsive, the Chief of Staff missing, all the androids and robots deactivated, and Bud destroyed, can Grace Lord save the day?


Amazing Grace by S.E. Sasaki is Book Three of The Grace Lord Series. Aboard the Nelson Mandela Medical Space Station the crew seek only to repair the injured and heal the sick, but there are those who set out to destroy the station and the work of the dedicated staff. The station is tended by medical staff, assisted by androids, and run by the station AI. The patients are mainly injured soldiers who have been fighting in the interplanetary war. The uniqueness of the Nelson Mandela Station is that the staff are able to modify and repair the broken bodies, creating animal-like beings who retain their human traits and memories, but are stronger and resilient fighters. Whilst the station falls into turmoil as they try to deal with the treacherous Dr. Jeffrey Nestor, who seeks revenge against Grace for her rejection of his advances, a new ship Inferno docks and unloads six cryopods supposedly containing injured soldiers.

However, all is not as it would appear and there are those who seek to destroy the station for misplaced ethical reasons, and Bud, an android with exceptional abilities, and Dr. Grace Lord, battle together to save the station and everyone aboard from an untimely death. Whilst all that is going on, the unsavory Jeffrey Nestor is seeking Dr. Grace, destroying anyone who gets in his way.

Well, what a roller-coaster of a ride this book is! I have to admit that science fiction is not my first choice of genre, but this book has possibly changed all that. The author, S.E.Sasaki, is clearly an accomplished and brilliant writer who is able to intertwine tension, emotion, humor and even combine a touch of romance to craft a story that is both credible and memorable. The characters are all incredibly viable; the despicable Jeffrey Nestor who creates such emotions in the reader – mainly of dislike and disgust; the endearing Plant Thing who only wants to be liked and to help the humans yet is unjustly disliked; Little Bud who was supposed to be like the perfect android Bud, but went a little wrong in his creation; the awesome android Bud, of course, and the wonderful Dr. Grace Lord who is totally dedicated and determined, to name but a few.

I haven’t personally read the previous two books in this series, but that did not detract from following the storyline and understanding all that was occurring as the author has expertly woven in relevant parts of the backstory, so that Amazing Grace works perfectly as a standalone novel, although I am sure that once read you will want to read the first two in the series.

This author is awesome, talented and inspired and I have no hesitation in recommending Amazing Grace to readers. If you were not previously a fan of science fiction, I can say with no hesitation that will change once you read this book.

Reviewed by Jane Finch for Chick Lit Café

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