The Voice of an Angel by Marcy Stone – Book Review

by Marcy Stone
Genres: Grief, Nonfiction
Format: Kindle

Alt="the voice of an angel"The Voice of an Angel: A Mother’s Guide to Grief and How to Thrive After the Loss of a Child by Marcy Stone


If you are reading this, you have just experienced every parent’s worst nightmare, the loss of your beloved child. And while you are completely numb, yet feel like you’re suffocating, you intrinsically know you can and will survive this insufferable loss. Despite the pain, you want to thrive again with an open heart and make a difference in your life and in the lives of those you will continue to walk by your side and look to you for strength. This book will guide you through the true process of grieving, identify & embrace your new reality, teach you to trust your inner wisdom, and to better understand the soul’s journey. This book gifts you the permission to thrive and live the extra-ordinary life you are meant to live and share with others.

“In this book, you’ll learn how to:
-Ride the rollercoaster of loss with more than just survival in mind
-Bust the myth of “acceptable” timelines for grieving
-Be okay with not being okay
-Make peace with the empty space left behind from your child; and
-Learn to trust your gut


The Voice of an Angel: A Mother’s Guide to Grief and How To Thrive After The Loss of a Child by Marcy Stone relates the author’s story of recovery following the tragic death of her daughter. Sydney Stone died as a result of a motor vehicle accident on Christmas Eve, 2016. Marcy begins her story with recounting the special and close relationship she had with her daughter, Sydney, and her older daughter, Aubrey. Marcy knew that her time with Sydney would be limited, and so made every effort to ensure that the family always lived and experienced their love for one another, and made every day special.

After the tragic accident that took Sydney’s life, Sydney began to visit Marcy in her dreams, encouraging her to be true to herself, to be strong, and to rise above the overwhelming emotions that threatened to drag her down into an endless depression. With Sydney watching over her, and Aubrey walking beside her, Marcy explores the steps she took – and still takes – to be an overcomer and to survive such a life-altering event.

In The Voice of an Angel, the author, Marcy Stone, describes such complex and heart-wrenching emotions as she faces up to her terrible loss, and yet the reader is left with a sense of hope and encouragement and positivity, which is not what I expected from a guide to dealing with grief, and was a pleasant surprise and in some ways a relief. It is hard to imagine how a mother (or any parent) can recover from such awful circumstances, but Marcy has managed to encapsulate all of the negative and harmful emotions and feelings and surround them with love, to draw out determination, and to offer those grieving hope that they will be able to function again without their loved one. A quote from the book that struck me as particularly poignant was “Grief makes us understand the power of love.”

As well as a personal story of survival, The Voice of an Angel: A Mother’s Guide to Grief and How To Thrive After The Loss of a Child is a guide for all who have lost a loved one, not just a child, but a parent, or a friend, or a relative. The guide can be taken as a step-by-step journey and there is no time limit, but there is a goal. There are even graphics to help understanding, and refreshers that can be worked through at a pace determined by the reader. I expected to be tearful and depressed, but this book is full of hope. Chick Lit Café highly recommends The Voice of an Angel: A Mother’s Guide to Grief and How To Thrive After The Loss of a Child by Marcy Stone.

Jane Finch for Chick Lit Cafe

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