Life in a Box by JoDee Neathery – Book Review

by JoDee Neathery
Genres: Family Saga, Historical Fiction, Mystery
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="life in a box"Life in a Box by JoDee Neathery

How much would you sacrifice to hide a secret? The answer reveals itself as Andee Camp, after inheriting a box of old photographs and journals, accepts a challenge from her mother to write a novel based on their family. What evolves is not only the fulfillment of a dream, but the reality of her relationship with her parents and theirs with each other.

As Andee writes the stories of two sets of twins born on the same day seventeen hundred miles apart, the mysteries defining the Smith and Brown families become more poignant as the pieces in the complicated puzzle begin to fit together.

The very fabric of long-held truths unravel in a tapestry woven with love and betrayal, joy and tragedy, humor and melancholy. As a reader, if given the opportunity, would you like to examine your own life in a box?

Life in a Box is a roller coaster ride until the very end providing a blend of mystery and history as the colorful and memorable characters come alive on the pages. It is like leaping off the diving board and seeing the sky from the bottom of the pool. When the author breaks through the ripples, readers understand the depth of the layered story…a literary gem.


Life in a Box by JoDee Neathery is an artistic literary masterpiece. It revolves around two families, the Smiths and the Browns. Nothing about this book is ordinary. As Andee Camp is challenged by her mother to write a novel about their family, she learns of secrets, hidden truths, love, sorrow and successes within her family.

This book is written with a unique voice that resounds on every page. JoDee Neathery has composed a multi-layered one of a kind family saga that will hold the reader’s attention from beginning to end. It is a historical account of two complicated families that are uniquely tied together, spanning generations.

Life in a Box is filled with mystery and suspense. There are twists and turns and just about every paragraph gives clues to the mystery. I couldn’t put this book down and read it into the late hours of the night. It is an exciting page turner. I found myself fully engaged, reading quickly to figure out what was going to happen next. It is well researched, giving many historical facts within the storyline. There are many family secrets to be uncovered and readers will be fully entertained by the mystery and intrigue that these families hold. It will make the reader wonder what secrets their own family could be hiding.

Life in a Box is a fast paced, easy read filled with emotion. I was fully invested in the well-developed colorful characters. Some of them were easy to love, while others are not so likable. But, all are an interesting integral element of the storyline.

JoDee Neathery has a way with words that puts reader’s right on the scene. Her descriptive writing flows beautifully and paints a clear picture of the settings, people, food and surroundings. I felt like I knew the characters personally and couldn’t wait to find out more about them. The dialogue between the characters is witty and clever.

The storyline and plot flow nicely and is easy to follow, making complete sense. It is engaging, thought provoking and thoroughly entertaining with beautiful words and descriptions. Readers will be enthralled with this novel as the mystery unravels before them. The conclusion is concrete, satisfying and was completely received by this reader.

Chick Lit Cafe fully recommends Life in a Box to all readers that enjoy highly interesting family sagas that are filled with mystery, intrigue and suspense.

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