We’re All Thieves: A Steamy Pirate Romance – Dyrion Knight

by Dyrion Knights
Genres: Paranormal, Pirates, Supernatural
Format: Kindle

Alt="we're all thieves"We’re All Thieves: A Steamy Pirate Romance (Blood Bound Book 1) by Dyrion Knight


Darkness writhes inside him & it’s calling out her name…

Pirate captain, Skylar D’Apra, doesn’t make a habit of saving people’s lives. But when that person is Jag Harver, a man with a price on his head that could set her up for life, Skylar makes a reckless choice that drastically alters the course of their fate.

Blood fuses, souls are bound and Skylar learns a lesson in power. Dark, raging and unsurmountable. The same power she sees reflected in Jag Harver’s depthless gaze.

Now Skylar starts to fear that the one choice she made that day has taken all other choices away from her and she’s about to enter a world of shifter princes, magic, mayhem and the madness of monsters.

Don’t miss this irresistibly steamy pirate romance with daring damsels, cutthroat renegades, shifters and battles of men and monsters. If you love hit TV show, Black Sails, and enemies to lover’s romance, then you’ll love this New Adult pirate tale, We’re All Thieves.


Skylar D’ Apria is a beautiful fearless pirate. She has a solid plan, and if all goes as planned, she will gain everything she has desired. But, first she must capture the infamous Jag Harver – the temerarious and rash thief who stole the Crest of Miracles. It is a relic of the realm and wields unimaginable power.

She must capture Jag Harver and return him to the Ruling Council to undergo his apparent destiny. She will then collect the reward and sail off into the sunset with her new fleet and discover new lands that she intends to explore and conquer.

But when she lays eyes on Jag Harver, her plans take an unexpected turn. He is underhanded, luscious and spellbinding. And the relic that Jag stole appears to be meant for him and is safer in his hands than any other. Skylar is now headed in a direction she hadn’t counted on. She is headed toward darkness, magic, monsters, chaos and an unstoppable tumultuous romance.

Her plans to sail away and make her home on the sea has been thwarted all because of the reckless and intoxicating Jag Harver. The magic relic is full of power that only Jag can seem to command.

We’re All Thieves by Dyrion Knight is a fantastic paranormal read that just keeps getting better with each turn of the page. It has a steamy romantic plot that will keep readers wanting more. It is filled with magic, mayhem, treacherous pirates, shapeshifters and all kinds of contemptible characters that readers will love to despise.

If you love supernatural stories mixed with evil pirates and a heroic female lead character, you will love We’re All Thieves by Dyrion Knight. It is fully engaging and captivating. I couldn’t put it down which surprised me because it’s not the genre I usually read. But, I was completely caught up in this adventurous, exciting read.

With well-developed characters, a gorgeous alluring and strong female lead, a hot alpha male and romantic sexual tension, you can’t help but to be enthralled by this book. It is very well written with realistic dialogue and visually appealing descriptions of the setting and surroundings. We’re All Thieves is a one of a kind book.

Readers will be left on the edge of their seats with the cliffhanging conclusion.
Highly recommended by Chick Lit Cafe Author Services.

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