The Revelation: Rise of the Fallen by David Salvi

by David Salvi
Genres: Literary Fiction, Spiritual, Supernatural
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt+"the revelation"The Revelation: Rise of the Fallen by David Salvi


The war has started. Michael and Gabriel must find the other two archangels. Evan, the world’s richest man, is revealed as the Antichrist with armies of evil and beasts of the apocalypse at his command to decimate the world. Lies and deceit put Evan on the world stage before his horrific plots unfold. Michael and his angels must stop them. And somewhere the holy family is hiding, and waiting for their guardian angel to save them. This is an action-packed thriller from beginning to end! Part 2 of The Revelation series by David Salvi doesn’t disappoint!


The Revelation: Rise of the Fallen by David Salvi is Book 2 in The Revelation book series. The story follows archangels Michael and Gabriel whose mission is to stop the world’s wealthiest person, Evan, (aka the Antichrist) in his determination to bring about the downfall of the earth. His plan? To bring about the destruction of the digital age and all its appurtenances and watch the world literally grind to a halt and cease to function. Evan is narcissistic and indomitable and he commands his legions and evil beings to assist him with no care for the lives of those who get in his way. He cares not whether child, man, woman, family or powerful ruler; Evan will let no earthly man prevent him from achieving his goal.

Enter the ethereal superheroes, Gabriel and Michael, who together with Uriel and Raphael engage in a fight that is not only the quintessential fight of good against evil, but the very essence of civilization depends on their success. Michael appears as a somewhat reluctant archangel at times, tortured by concern for his human family and his child Joshua, who is more than just an ordinary child. But his faith that God will protect them gives the assurance he needs to continue his mission. Gabriel is steadfast and dependable and where he needs to be, which is at Michael’s side.

The Revelation is an amazing piece of writing. The author, David Salvi, has developed a perfect ‘voice’ for this battle between heaven and hell, between good and evil, and between all that is right and all that is wrong. The writing is strong and confident and believable, and each main character has the reader totally hooked. I have not had the benefit of reading Book One in this series, but this did not detract from enjoying Book Two and now looking forward with great expectation to Book Three.

The Revelation: Rise of the Fallen by David Salvi  has quite an impact on the reader. Not only is it disturbing from the point of view of the gullibility and susceptibility portrayed in world leaders whose role one would expect is to protect those who have elected them, but in the sheer complete callousness of Evan as the Antichrist. One cannot help but compare the scenario created by David Salvi to the state of our world today, to its reliability on technology, and the power of a deceitful smile.

This book is a credit to a writer who is clearly a craftsman of the written word. A memorable book that will have every reader turning to their Bible for reassurance that all is well with the world.

Reviewed by Jane Finch for Chick Lit Cafe

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  1. I enjoy this book site very much. This book review makes this book sound really great, therefore I am going to take a chance and buy it. I have bought many of the books based on your suggestions and emails presenting them. Never disappointed, they have all been good reads.