Chance for Rain: A Novel by Tricia Downing – Book Review

by Tricia Downing
Genres: Contemporary, Inspirational, Romance, Sports
Format: Paperback

Alt="chance for rain"Chance for Rain: A Novel by Tricia Downing


Elite athlete Rainey Abbott is an intense competitor on the outside, but inside, she feels a daunting apprehension about her chances of finding true love. Her life as a downhill skier and race car driver keeps her on the edge, but her love life is stuck in neutral. A tragedy from her past has left her feeling insecure and unlovable.

Now that she’s in her thirties, Rainey’s best friend Natalie insists she take a leap and try online dating. Rainey connects with brian85 and becomes cautiously hopeful as a natural attraction grows between them. Fearful a face to face meeting could ruin the magic, Rainey enlists Natalie to scheme up an encounter between the two where Brian is unaware he is meeting his online mystery woman. Rainey is left feeling both guilty about the deception and disappointed by something Brian says.

When they finally meet in earnest, Rainey’s insecurities threaten to derail the blossoming romance. As she struggles with self-acceptance, she reveals the risks we all must take to have a chance for love.


Wow! What an absolutely beautiful and inspirational novel by the highly talented author, Tricia Downing.

Chance for Rain is an emotional romance novel that brings readers to new heights and raises the bar for the genre.

In it, we have Rainey, who survived a deadly car crash and was seriously injured and was left as a paraplegic. Navigating life in a wheelchair has not stopped the spirited athletic Rainey as she participates in extreme sports like skiing and race car driving. She has spent years helping and devoted to her widowed father, her career, her friends, and of course her love of sports. Rainey decides to get involved with online dating when she meets a special guy named Brian. They hit it off online, but she doesn’t know how he will respond to her being a “wheelie girl.”

Chance for Rain by Tricia Downing has hit it out of the park for me. I loved the dialogue and online correspondence between Rainey and Brian. It was written with skill and creativity flowing from our debut author, Tricia Downing’s mind, heart and spirit. I absolutely could not put this book down and picked it up at every chance I got. It is a real page turner and readers will love it, I’m positive.

The settings, characters and extra essentials are described beautifully, causing this reader to feel like I was a part of the story and watching closely on.

The character development is superb. Each One has their own peculiarities and personalities with strengths and weaknesses that are very relatable. I loved these characters and thought that they were very well fleshed out and human.

Overall, I give A Chance for Rain a big 5 stars. It is a one of a kind emotionally charged romance story with a complete twist on the norm for the romance genre. I loved it and I know others will too. Can’t wait to read more by this extremely talented author Tricia Downing

Highly recommended by Chick Lit Cafe

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