P.S. Forgive My Adolescence by Torrie Oglesby

by Torrie Oglesby
Genres: Inspirational, Romance, Young Adult
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="P.S. Forgive My Adolescence"P.S. Forgive My Adolescence by Torrie Oglesby


Eighteen-year old Holden Allen is only committed to one thing, marijuana.

Whether it’s soothing his depression, suppressing his memories or granting him freedom from pressure–only pot delivers faithfully. Holden is certain his love affair with marijuana is the only commitment he’ll ever make, until he spontaneously meets Joie Green, a witty, carefree girl who has issues of her own.

With only 5 months left of High School, they decide to create a “FIX LIST” compiled of dares and challenges in hopes of healing their baggage and bruises before graduation. Their friendship flourishes but Holden soon discovers there’s a bigger problem between them–one marijuana and a list of dares will not be able repair. On their quest for restoration, Holden and Joie learn how to heal, how to break and whether or not forgiveness can be granted to everyone or if some mistakes are left unforgiven.


Readers will fall in love with P.S. Forgive My Adolescence by Torrie Oglesby. It is original and non-typical of your normal boy meets girl story. This story has much more depth and richness within its pages. It is definitely different from the norm, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

In it we have our two main characters, Holden and Joie. Holden is addicted to marijuana. He uses it to destress, forget and to lighten his depression. Joie, although she is easygoing, she carries baggage of her own due to life’s blows.

When they meet by happenchance, they quickly become friends and decide to make a pact to work on their issues and find healing and deliverance. But, there are other issues that complicate their mission. Will they learn to forgive and move on?

P.S. Forgive My Adolescence by Torrie Oglesby is a one of a kind story. It is well written and composed with a unique voice that resounds on every page. I couldn’t put this one down and turned the pages quickly, reading late into the night. I was fully rooting for this young couple to reach their goals and become healed from their pasts.

It is a romantic love story that held me captive throughout each chapter. With never a dull moment, readers will feel the emotion that runs rampant throughout this story.

The Character development is superb, with each one having unique distinct personalities with realistic weaknesses and strengths. This is a totally relatable work of fiction. The descriptive writing is fabulous, and had me centered right in the middle of the scenes and plot.

This is Torrie Oglesby debut novel, but you would never come close to guessing that. It is written with a well-executed hand and an original tone and voice.

The conclusion is original, unexpected, very satisfying and thought-provoking.

Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends P.S. Forgive my Adolescence to all readers, young adults, teens and adults as well.

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