La Lividum by Merciella Heartstorm – Book Review

by Merciella Heartstorm
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal, Romance
Format: Kindle

Alt="La Lividum"La Lividum (The Apothecary Chronicles Book One) By Merciella Heartstorm


It’s been over 400 years since humanity has had to face the fact that the creatures from myths and legends from all over the world are real. Fast forward to current day, and the Dark Fey city of Arrana, built upon the ruins of what was once called Berlin, is a thriving metropolis, and home to its greatest Apothecary – Zelena Minasorcha.
Zelena’s life runs as smoothly as a well-oiled machine, that is until she meets the gorgeous Fey woman, Cyrene. Captivated by her strange aura and otherworldly beauty, Zelena finds herself entangled in Cyrene’s mission to find an ancient artifact. A treasure which has the deadly potential to wipe out Zelena’s entire family.
It’s now a race against time, as Zelena and Cyrene are not the only interested parties, and those others will stop at nothing to take the treasure and use its powers for genocide.
Can Zelena protect her family, and still keep the woman she loves?


Magical and darkly mysterious, Zelena, is Heartstorm’s leading lady in this delightful otherworldly tale La Lividum (The Apothecary Chronicles Book One). Her character’s personality is exhilarating with a unique spellbinding quality leaving the reader wanting more. As we learn about Zelena and her surroundings we are cast into a realm of many worlds and “creatures.” She is becoming the perfect interpretive tour guide of insight for a certain captivating, Lady Cyrene Frenayah, who happens to need Zelena’s assistance indefinitely, and an opportunity of employment is proposed.

At first, Cyrene’s search for an ancient scroll translation of Zelena’s very own kind, keeps Zelena intrigued to find out who she is and who she works for and of course, is very willing to help while keeping her fascination at bay until trust is gained. But it doesn’t take long for Zelena to become completely charmed by this woman and is transfixed further than just their business deal. Determined to learn more, Zelena makes it a point to do everything in her power to help this beautiful woman with her puzzling and concealed mission along with a bit of pleasure as they move forward.

Outstanding foreshadowing kept me on the edge of my seat in this striking story of dark magic and romantic happenings in a place that seems like almost anything could happen. La Lividum (The Apothecary Chronicles Book One) took me on a rollercoaster of imaginative scenarios with strange and curious characters that always left me wondering. I enjoyed Heartstorm’s attention to detail when describing even her most lurid beast. And Zelena’s extensive knowledge as an alchemist was compelling and interesting.

Well written and very intriguing, La Lividum (The Apothecary Chronicles Book One) by Marciella Heartstorm, kept me absorbed until the last turn of the page, with its vivid scenes and artistic characters, I enjoyed it thoroughly and would even consider giving it a second read. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends this fabulous engaging book to all avid readers.
Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Chick Lit Cafe

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