Over the Hill and Gaining Speed: Reflections in Retirement by Kay G. Rock

by Kay Rock
Genres: Essays, Inspirational
Format: Paperback

Alt="over the hill"Over the Hill and Gaining Speed: Reflections in Retirement by Kay G. Rock


Fasten your seatbelts, we’re going for a ride! Readers of all ages will relate to these observations of the journey of life with all its bumps, turns, and exhilaration. “Over the Hill and Gaining Speed” is a collection of non-fiction essays that explore, examine and observe the transition to retirement through the lenses of travel, daily life, relationships, special days, and inspiring people. Sometimes poignant, sometimes comedic, always relatable, these compelling vignettes have been likened to an unexpected call from your best friend. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these charming essays that offer plenty to ponder and much to celebrate. Available on www.createspace.com/6563900, or www.amazon.com. The articles were previously published by the “Bucks County Herald” over a five-year period.


Kay G. Rock is a superb story teller. In her delightful book of essays, she shares with readers her thoughts on the beauty of aging, the richness of wisdom, and the glory of retirement. The witty vignettes are inspiring with a fresh casual, cleverness, and intuitive observations that are relatable and unforgettable.

She reiterates that life is unpredictable and things don’t always go the way we like. Some of our plans never come to fruition, but our life’s journey is beautiful, and rewarding in many ways as long as we go with the flow.

Kay G. Rock certainly understands the human condition. Each essay is like finding a gold nugget that you can relate to and feel perfectly cheerful towards. She brought up so many memorable accounts of my own life and the difficulty and joy that I experienced while going through them. She reminds us that our life’s travels are special and each stage is to be cherished and embraced. She gives readers many tips on how to embrace life’s goodness to find optimum happiness, joy and peace.

This book is like a wild ride filled with humor which had me smiling and laughing on many occasions. There is also a certain solemn seriousness to it as well. The short stories are engaging and I found it impossible to put down!

Over the Hill and Gaining Speed: Reflections in Retirement by Kay G. Rock is a thought-provoking book that all ages of readers will enjoy and relate to. It is captivating, funny and even poignant at times. But, it packs a punch and is filled with life lessons and observations. In this winsome set of short essays, Kay Rock shows readers that life’s a trip that is exciting and refreshing. A truly inspiring read. Chick Lit Cafe recommends this well written book to all readers that enjoy books about life – its ups and downs and how to keep a positive outlook for an ultimate overall great life experience.

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