Four Takeaways and a Funeral – Kerrie Noor – Book Review

by Kerrie Noor
Genres: Dark Humor, Humorous, Satire
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="four takeaways"Four Takeaways and a Funeral: A Deliciously Succulent Comedy (Belly dancing and Beyond) By Kerrie Noor


Mavis and Lumpy are getting married. It is to be a small affair with a hot and spicy theme, a few close friends, and a celebrant on Skype.

“We want no fuss,” said Mavis. “Just lots of food, great photos, and belly-dancing.”


Mavis’s idea of hot and spicy is not Lumpy’s, and Lumpy’s idea of great photos is definitely not Mavis’s. Mavis and Lumpy find there is more to getting married than organizing the dips. And as their relationship spirals out of control Mavis loses her mother and must come to terms with a past she would rather forget.

With a funeral befitting a sitcom, sibling rivalry on a par with a Shakespearean tragedy and a dying mother’s impossible wish; Mavis and Lumpy relationship crumbles like a burnt chapatti.

And it is up to Nefertiti to make “things” right…so she thinks.


Four Takeaways and a Funeral by Kerrie Noor is a hilarious romp of a tale about a couple that are getting married and things get ridiculously out of control.

Mavis and Lumpy are the celebrated couple that are planning their wedding. Mavis has her idea of how she wants her wedding planned but Lumpy has other ideas. Mavis wants her wedding to be hot and spicy with lots of belly dancing and photos. Lumpy’s idea of hot and spicy is Indian food for their Scottish wedding.

Then there is Mavis’ sister, Fanny, who is always right about everything, causing a constant flow of sister rivalry. All of a sudden, Mavis’ mother passes away and there is a funeral in the mix.

Things spin out of control and Mavis and Lumpy are about to fall apart. But, in comes Nefertiti, the belly dancing instructor, to save the day.

Four Takeaways and a Funeral by Kerrie Noor is a down right funny comedy that readers will be thoroughly entertained by. The story is narrated by the eccentric belly dancing instructor, Nefertiti. She is always there doing crazy things and is best friends with Mavis. There are other quirky characters like the bag lady that is camped out in the backyard.

This book totally lives up to its description. I found myself laughing my head off on many occasions. The storyline and plot flow with ease. The characters are colorful and realistic at the same time. They are well developed and charming. I totally got into them and all their antics had me in stitches. The settings, food and people are described so vividly that I had a perfect picture in my mind of the whole scene.

There are many humorous situations going on and readers will be turning the pages quickly while laughing out loud hilariously. Witty and fun, Four Takeaways and a Funeral is an original work of humor and satire. It is written very well and has a completely unique plot and storyline. This is the first book in the series that I have read and it was easy for me to understand what was transpiring and simple to get to know the various charming characters. There are two previous books in the series that I am definitely going to read.

Kerrie Noor has a way with words that draws the reader in right from the very first chapter. Her style is completely different from anything I have read before and I loved every word of her quirky, unconventional book. It’s captivating, kooky and offbeat and perfect to cure the blues. I totally recommend this book to readers that love comedies and something different for a change. This book is a great escape from ordinary everyday life. Highly recommended by Chick Lit Cafe.

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