My Child, As You Grow Older: Lessons for Life by Laura Doyle

by Laura Doyle
Genres: Children, Inspirational, Kids Lit
Format: Hard Cover, Paperback

Alt="My Child"My Child, As You Grow Older: Lessons for Life by Laura Doyle


My Child, As You Grow Older offers a blueprint for children to learn from the changes they face as they grow. Written with a gentle and fun approach, this book presents a fresh perspective on some of the day-to-day challenges of life, and suggests a way that children can emerge from them with a positive outlook and renewed strength. Readers young and old will find My Child, As You Grow Older a celebration of resilience and self-esteem.


In this lovely children’s book, author Laura Doyle speaks to children about resiliency and self-esteem. Filled with clever rhymes, My Child, As You Grow Older: Lessons for Life is the perfect book for children of all ages, including teens. The message is one that will help children to learn that they must follow their hearts and be themselves. In it, Laura Doyle talks about life’s rocky journey and how to overcome some of the difficulties that will arise. It refers to the day-to-day life challenges and how children can rise above them and become strong and emotionally balanced individuals. It tells about how they must choose to follow their own path – not their friends’ paths, and to be true to themselves. There are many more life lessons and discussions on living that parents and children will fully appreciate. Making right choices and doing what is right is emphasized.

My Child, as You Grow Older by Laura Doyle is a beautiful book with adorable artistic illustrations. With expressive words to live by, even adults will benefit from this book. I am going to have my adult daughter read this one. It is an engaging guide for all people to understand that forgiving ourselves is important and creates a healthy outcome for our morale, minds and emotions. It also teaches children to think before they act and to always be honest.

My Child, as You Grow Older covers so many important matters concerning living a fulfilled, happy life, developing a positive outlook and building self-worth. One of the lessons is that we are who we are and are acceptable just as who we are. We should not try to be what other people say we should be, but instead, choose our own path of living out our life. It reiterates that sometimes life is hard, but it’s consistently rewarding and enjoyable.

The writing is excellent with wonderful noteworthy passages and cute flowing rhymes to follow along with. Readers will enjoy and be entertained by this delightful book. I highly recommend My Child, as You Grow Older: Lessons for Life for children and people of all ages. Get your child a copy today and read about how to live a happy life.
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