The Mormon Missionaries – Janis Hutchinson – Book Review

by Janis Hutchinson
Genres: Christian, Cults, Mormonism
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="the mormon missionaries"The Mormon Missionaries – An inside look at their real message and methods by Janis Hutchinson


Each year thousands of young people serve as door-to-door witnesses to spread their “restored gospel.” In this second edition, author Janis Hutchinson, a former Mormon of thirty-five years (also a former missionary), goes behind the appearances to examine the real story of the Mormon missionary program—from its unorthodox theological and political beliefs, including the LDS Church’s agenda for America, to its carefully planned strategies to win converts, and examines the current evangelizing manual for missionaries, “Preach My Gospel.” You will learn more Mormon doctrine than you knew before; also, discover startling facts surrounding Joseph Smith’s claims and receive an eye-opener on where he actually got his doctrines. The book contains updated statistics and is heavily researched and documented with 46 pages of endnotes. “A researcher’s dream!” stated one reviewer. Another reviewer said: “One of the most impressive aspects of this book is the respect that Ms. Hutchinson shows toward members of the Mormon Church.”

Written like a novel, the book is set against the backdrop of a Christian Bible College in San Antonio where two Mormon missionaries bravely venture onto campus. The story portrays Susan, a student, who falls for one of the handsome missionaries. Believing she can convert him she agrees to take their lessons and soon finds herself torn between her romantic feelings and her Christian faith. A concerned teacher on campus, a former Mormon, accompanies her to the missionaries’ lessons, then counsels Susan about their false claims, and discusses the Mormon material in her cult’s class.


The Mormon Missionaries: An inside look at their real message and methods by Janis Hutchinson is an eye-opening, thoroughly researched and factual study of the religious cult, the Mormon Church. Author Janis Hutchinson was a Mormon for thirty-five years. In her book, she gives readers the truths behind their distorted doctrine, the false lessons they teach their young missionaries, and the fact they purposely omit vital truths to deceive their members. This book takes readers right into the truth behind this false religion from someone that was a dedicated member for many years.

Author Janis Hutchinson has done extensive research on the history of Mormonism and the evil practices, origins and deceptions of Joseph Smith, which includes animal sacrifice, occult practices and false prophecies. Comparisons with the Christian faith and what the Bible clearly teaches as the divine truth, prove and supersede that of the Mormon faith, which is clearly a false doctrine and a cult.

According to author Janis Hutchinson, the teachers and leaders of the Mormon Church deceive their members and hold many truths back from them. They make their missionaries think they are Christians, but teach them twisted and false beliefs. They omit many facts that the Bible teaches, and are constantly adding new lies to their books on Mormonism. These young missionaries are not to blame, as they have been deceived. They need to hear the truth of the gospel. Through her expansive and easy to understand book, Janis Hutchinson equips Christians on how to evangelize to those very committed “door-to-door” disciples of the Mormon Church.

The Mormon Missionaries actually reads like a novel as readers follow the story of a young Christian college student, Susan, who meets and falls for a good-looking Mormon missionary she thinks she can convert to Christianity. She agrees to go to his Mormon missionary classes and begins to question her own Christian faith, and is torn between that and her feelings for the young man. But, a caring teacher, a former Mormon, goes to the classes with Susan and counsels her on the false beliefs of the Mormon cult. Simply put, the beliefs of the Mormon teachings don’t compare or hold up to the real truths and evidence of the Bible, and the fact that the Christian faith is truly the one and only divine truth.

The Mormon Missionaries is a wealth of knowledge and information that goes beyond the surface and delves deep into the true and startling history, practices and false teachings of the Mormon cult. Unfortunately, many Mormons really don’t understand what they are believing in. It is so corrupt and deceptive that it draws thousands of new converts to their family-like atmosphere, giving them a false sense of spiritual certainty. And, Janis Hutchinson explains all of this and more in her remarkable book.

This is the best book on Mormonism that I have ever read. It is an all-inclusive, well written book every Mormon and Christian must read. If you want to know the truth about the cult of Mormonism, what they believe and how they deceive and conceal vital truths, then get yourself a copy of The Mormon Missionaries by Janis Hutchinson. It will open your eyes and change your life. No other book has this much easy-to-read and understandable information about the history, practices and truth about both the Christian and Mormon belief systems. There are 50 pages of footnotes for the reader to do some valuable research on their own. This book is engaging, refreshing and filled with a wealth of information. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends it to every Christian believer, and especially to those of the Mormon faith.

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