Concierge – Stella Barcelona – Book Review

by Stella Barcelona
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Suspense
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="concierge"Concierge (Black Raven Book 3) by Stella Barcelona


The Concierge delivers anything…for a price.

A provider in the underworld of human trafficking, the Concierge fills deviant orders of an exclusive clientele with inventory collected from people who live on the streets. As client requests are delivered, a personal obsession with New Orleans artist Andi Hutchenson festers…until the predator’s quest is possession.

Andi Hutchenson lives in a world of fear-fueled shadows…

Two and a half years ago, Andi was kidnapped, tortured, and left for dead. Since then, crippling fear has ruled her life. Round the clock security enables her to leave her French Quarter home to paint the world around her, but Andi’s past is about to collide with her lonely present.

Gabe Hernandez believes his client is safe…but she isn’t. Protecting Andi is a given, but Black Raven Agent Gabe Hernandez is captivated by her and wants to entice her back to the land of the living. Yet with each tug on the lifeline he offers, Gabe is pulled deeper into Andi’s world, where the dividing line between imagined horrors and real-life demons is whisper thin.


Concierge (Black Raven Book 3) Stella Barcelona is a riveting, electrifying suspense novel filled with twists and turns that held me on the edge of my seat. In it we have Andi Hutchenson, a, now damaged, young woman who has gone through hell and lived to carry on with her life. However, she lives with paralyzing fear, and round the clock elite security officers. She lives in the excitement filled French Quarter where she does venture out, but not without security protecting her. She loves to paint the scenes of New Orleans in vivid color, but her inner life is dark and dim. Because of her demeanor and paranoia, she fires one security agent after another. So the Black Raven’s send in sexy, empathetic, top notch, expert and brave, agent, Gabe Hernandez. Gabe likes, and is attracted to, Andi and wants to help her to return to the person she was before her hellish ordeal from the past, a strong and passionate woman.

The dialogue and connection between these two is witty and tantalizing. The romance between them is sizzling hot. But, Gabe’s main objective is to keep Andi safe from harm. And, he does think she is safe, but Andi has a perverse, depraved and sick stalker. Readers are then drawn into the world of the savage and sickened lives of human traffickers and the menacing and dangerous Concierge. And Andi, is now in great danger. What ensues is a suspenseful, riveting and gripping story that readers will revel in and not be able to put down.

Author, Stella Barcelona takes us into the mind of the depraved Concierge. It was almost more than I could handle. But, the storytelling is over the top great and the descriptive writing is unbelievably good. The plot is unique in every way. She has an original creative voice that resounds on every page.  I loved the setting being in New Orleans with the backdrop of the Mardi Gras and the Mississippi river.

The main characters are awesome and well developed, easy to love and relate to. The secondary characters are superbly fleshed out and fully felt. This horrific story is not for the faint of heart. But, it is spellbinding and fabulous. If you love a really suspenseful, multi-layered, novel filled with real world underground activity and heroic characters, you will love Concierge by Stella Barcelona. She is an excellent storyteller and weaves a tale that comes full circle filled with clues and mystery. I was fully engaged in the romance, intrigue, suspense and even the dangerous Concierge. It is hands down the best suspense filled book I have ever read, with an ending and plot twist that I didn’t see coming. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends Concierge by Stella Barcelona, a must read novel.

Get yourself a copy and be immersed into a dark, gritty real world filled with danger, passion and romance. You won’t be disappointed.

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