LIVE TO TELL: A Fake Fiancé Romance – Sophia Henry

by Sophia Henry
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="live to tell"LIVE TO TELL: A Fake Fiancé Romance (Material Girls Book 2)
By Sophia Henry


The truth is never far behind…

Secrets. Lies.
Webs I vowed never to weave because of how many I’ve been caught in.
But when I told the truth, it didn’t set me free…it set me on track for deportation.
So when Madeline Commons, heiress to one of the country’s largest department store chains offered to help me with my situation, I agreed.

I needed a way to stay in the country.
She needed to get away from her abusive ex.
A fake relationship was the perfect solution for both of us.

But there’s a massive problem with our plan.
Being with Maddie has been my fantasy since the first time I laid eyes on her.
The biggest lie isn’t our relationship, it’s telling myself I can keep my feelings casual.
Before I started this crazy facade, I thought losing my business and the life I built over the years would be the biggest consequence of our deception, but now I realize,
it’s losing Maddie that will break me.

LIVE TO TELL is a sexy, standalone novel in the Material Girls series. Happily Ever After guaranteed. No cliffhanger for Erik and Maddie…but you may be lured into the next book of the series. 😉


LIVE TO TELL: A Fake Fiancé Romance (Material Girls Book 2) by Sophia Henry is a captivating and tender love story that romance readers will not soon forget. In this touching story, we have two caring people that always think of others first, and are willing to do, just about, anything for those they love.

Madeline Commons is a beautiful, wealthy southern woman who is in an abusive relationship and needs to escape from it, desperately. Although she does hide the truth of this relationship from those around her, after a close encounter with death, she is more devastated than ever.

Erik Raines is a charming, hardworking man that is about to be deported. He has worked for Madeline’s family for years. Over the years, his and Madeline’s friendship has grown and become something special.

Now, the two have a chance to help one another out of their hopeless predicaments by creating a fake relationship. However, their chemistry is off the charts and true love is in the air.

Madeline and Erik have many complicated obstacles to overcome on their way to a real relationship and life together.

Readers will be fully engaged, while being swept up in their story, cheering them on, and hoping for their happily ever after ending.

LIVE TO TELL by Sophia Henry is a sexy, charming and captivating romance novel, with a satisfying conclusion. The characters are realistic, relatable and simply unforgettable. They are thoughtfully, and fully, developed with interesting personalities, flaws and strengths.

Sophia Henry has an exciting way with words that drew me in from the very first chapter. She has a unique voice and has created a one-of-a-kind storyline and plot. I was fully engrossed with the lives of Erik and Madeline and couldn’t put this book down. It’s definitely a page turner, and kept me up late into the night reading, to find out what would happen next, and how their story would end. Sophia Henry is a remarkable story teller and romance writer. Her descriptive writing had me on the scene, filled with emotion, watching on as the story unfolded.

This is her second book in the “Material Girls” series. I did not have the pleasure of reading her first book in the series, but I didn’t feel lost, in any way, and picked right up on Madeline’s character, personality and manner of living.

LIVE TO TELL: A Fake Fiancé Romance (Material Girls Book 2) By Sophia Henry is an entertaining, amazing must read novel that Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends to all romance loving readers. It is one of the best romance stories that I have read in a long time.
I can’t wait for the next book in the Material Girls series!

Get yourself a copy and be swept away by Madeline and Erik’s story!

Purchase LIVE TO TELL: A Fake Fiancé Romance by Sophia Henry today!

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