Take My Heart by J.J. Sorel – Book Review

by J.J. Sorel
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="take my heart"Take My Heart: A Steamy Romantic Suspense Novel by J.J. Sorel


I’ve never been in love. Never felt that fire or been so desperate for a man’s touch that he’s all I can think about.

Then Bronson Lockhart walks into the party I’m at with my boyfriend, Justin. Everyone notices him. How could they not? He’s ridiculously good looking with that dark brooding masculinity that inspires dirty thoughts of the sweetest kind…Too bad he’s also Justin’s adopted brother. And they clearly hate each other.

But I can’t help but notice the way Bronson looks at me that sets my pulse thrumming. I can’t help wondering how his lips would feel on mine…

My new boss: a wealthy, eccentric old woman hidden away in her opulent penthouse with only her secrets and me to keep her company, tells me to follow my heart by surrendering to my deepest desires rather than act sensibly. But I barely know Bronson even though he seems determined to change that.

As I submit to desire and fall into his buff arms, a battle brews between my head and heart: are those hungry kisses and caresses a con?


Locked up for a crime I didn’t commit, I vowed to do two things when I got out–find my birth parents and make my brother pay for setting me up.

Now I’m out of jail and ready to set my plan for revenge in motion, starting with seducing his girlfriend. Not that it will be a chore. Ava’s beauty stole my breath the moment I laid eyes on her. Sassy, intelligent, and sexy as hell, she’s got curves that fuel my darkest desires. But what starts as revenge soon turns into something more.

I want her…crave the sweet taste of her. Hell, who am I kidding? I’m falling for her.

But as secrets about my adoption start to unravel, I discover a startling connection to Ava’s boss. Was my meeting Ava a setup… or destiny?

 Dear Romance Reader, this is a full-length, Stand Alone Romance set in New York, and due to the descriptive steamy sex scenes is for ADULTS only.


Take My Heart by J.J. Sorel is a captivating, suspenseful romantic love story that will entice readers, satisfy them, and leave them hungering for more. Ava Rose has just been hired to be a caregiver for a wealthy, eccentric elderly woman, Agatha. This old mysterious woman carries with her many secrets that begin to reveal themselves as the story progresses. Bronson Lockhart is any woman’s dream man, with looks that conjure up thoughts of desire and lust. He has just been released from prison for a crime he did not commit. He is on a mission to exact revenge on his brother, Justin for setting him up, by seducing and stealing his girlfriend, Ava. Bronson is also adopted, and seeks to discover more about his past. When Ava meets Bronson she is captivated and attracted to this dark, handsome and alluring man. When they do get together, Bronson soon finds himself completely taken away by Ava, who is sassy, spirited, curvy and beautiful. His desire and passion for Ava complicates his plans. What ensues, is a story filled with twists and turns, drama, suspense and lots of passionate love.

Take My Heart by J.J. Sorel is a gripping mystery, filled with beguiling semi-erotic romance and nail biting suspense. The reader is quickly drawn into a world of drama and adventure as the two must deal with trust issues, apprehension and uncertainty. But, their chemistry is so intense, and their love for one another is growing while they can’t keep their hands off one another, as well. Then there is Aggie, who is a fabulous interesting character that readers will fully enjoy. The mystery behind this woman, and how it relates to Bronson, will keep readers fully engaged and guessing. There are plenty of intriguing clues to be had in this most compelling novel.

I love J.J. Sorel’s remarkably unique writing style. I have read some of her other titles, and have always been enthralled and impressed by her hypnotizing original storylines, and her wonderful descriptive language. It always draws me in and keeps me turning the pages, filled with emotion while having all my senses contentedly stimulated.

The characters in Take My Heart are memorable, interesting and relatable with quirky personalities.
J.J. Sorel develops her characters in a thoughtful and humanistic approach, causing readers to totally connect with them, be fully vested in their lives and the final outcome of their story.

Take My Heart is an unforgettable story that is as mysterious as it is sexy and romantic.
If you have never picked up one of author J.J. Sorel’s fabulous books, then you are surely missing out. Chick Lit Café highly recommends Take My Heart by J.J. Sorel to all contemporary, romantic suspense loving readers.

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  1. This book sounds fabulous. I am going to get it now. I am also going to check out the author J.J. Sorel’s other books. Seems like an excellent writer and author. I love this site btw. I have purchased many of your suggestions and am never sorry I did so.