‘Lovecarnation: The Promise by RKC Puthran – 5 Star Review – Best Seller

by RKC Puthran
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="lovecarnation"Lovecarnation – an Epic Trilogy Series – Book One: The Promise by RKC Puthran


Emotionally complex and gripping, author RKC Puthran brings you an unforgettable story of the transcendental power of love.

Fresh out of college with an MBA and a job at a prestigious bank in the US, Rohan Rai seemingly has more than any twenty-five-year old Indian could have. But he has a different dream for his life, and a clear-cut plan to get there. A cocky workaholic determined to climb the corporate ladder as fast as possible in order to achieve his goals, he doesn’t care who he alienates on his meteoric rise to the top.

Then he meets Shona. She’s everything Rohan’s not—an easy-going Irish girl who lives in the moment, loves Whitney Houston, and enjoys life to the fullest. Although there’s no room for any love in Rohan’s three-year plan, he finds himself increasingly drawn to her. As their relationship blossoms, Rohan slowly finds himself viewing life differently, until a past grudge escalates and his inner demons resurface. Torn between his ambition, his responsibilities, and love, he must now re-examine everything he believes in…or risk losing it all.

Lovecarnation – The Promise is the heart-wrenching first book of the Lovecarnation trilogy, a thought-provoking series about fate, destiny, and the timelessness of true love.


Lovecarnation – an Epic Trilogy Series – Book One: The Promise by RKC Puthran tells the story of Rohan Rai, newly qualified and determined individual with one goal, to be successful and make a name for himself in the business world. His dream lies in India, running his own company and being his own boss, but he has family responsibilities which involve financial commitments for the education of his sister and brother. Consequently, although reluctantly, Rohan finds himself working in Chicago for a global bank. He sets himself a target of working three years in America until his siblings have completed their education, and then plans to return to India to fulfill his dream.

Rohan is totally committed and dedicated. He works long hours and is rewarded for his hard work with promotion and salary increases, which sets him well on target for the time constraints he has set himself. However, such total dedication comes at a cost. Rohan has no time for social interaction and perceives exchanging pleasantries with work colleagues as a waste of his valuable time. Whereas his work ethos is applauded by his employers, those under him resent his attitude and dislike his management skills. Rohan’s competitiveness is tested by a colleague as they both strive for promotion, and the two play a point scoring game that eventually gets out of hand, and Rohan is devastated when his efforts to discredit his opponent backfire.

Rohan is forced to re-evaluate his goals, and when he meets Shona he finds that being successful is not solely about being good at your work. He learns from Shona how living in the moment is far more important than constantly being worried about future goals. Rohan tries really hard not to be enamored by Shona’s charm as there is no place for love in his three year plan. The relationship however blossoms in a beautiful way through several ups and downs providing the readers some unforgettable romantic moments.

As things take a turn, Rohan takes on a job with a much smaller company and works hard to turn the struggling company around, and with this comes the opportunity to fulfill his lifelong dream of running his own company in India. But Rohan now has much more within his life goals, and his relationship with Shona play a big part in influencing this new outlook. He starts up a group in Mumbai to help the street children, but unwittingly finds himself involved in the darker side of life in the country he knows as home. Finally, tragedy strikes from all quarters.

I am truly impressed by the quality of the writing by author, RKC Puthran. Much of the story is focused on the work environment within a global bank, yet the author keeps the reader avidly turning pages to devour the office politics, the hourly work challenges, the colleague inter-actions, and the hint of romance between Rohan and Shona. Lovecarnation is a story which is intricately and skillfully woven and is captivating. It has the reader totally empathizing with Rohan, despite his shortcomings in social interactions, and the ending is surprising, not anticipated, and stunning. It was really enlightening to see the gradual change in the attitude of Rohan as the influence of a woman softens the elusive and unapproachable exterior. It is a credit to the writing ability of the author that he could bring so much tension and excitement into this story of one man’s life journey in the corporate world. Definitely a great read and an author to watch. Lovecarnation – an Epic Trilogy Series – Book One: The Promise by RKC Puthran is a 5 star, must read story, and comes highly recommended by the team at Chick Lit Café Books & Reviews.

Book reviewed by Jane Finch for Chick Lit Cafe

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