Lagging Indicators – Jennifer Anglade Dahlberg

by Jennifer Anglade Dahlberg
Genres: African American, Literary Fiction, Romance, women's fiction
Format: Kindle, Paperback

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What happens when your career is your entire identity and it’s suddenly taken away from you?

It’s October 2009 and thirty-five year-old Mia Lewis is an independent woman at the top of her game. Sharp, attractive and the only senior female executive at Atlas Capital, she survived Wall Street during the worst financial crisis in modern history. Devoted to her job, Mia always fights for what she thinks is best for the firm–until one false move ushers her spectacular downfall.

Disgraced and broke, she escapes to a crumbling cottage in upstate New York to repair her reputation and plot her comeback. Alone and threatened by lasting unemployment, she risks becoming what she has always feared: a failure. But a chance encounter with a handsome single dad ignites feelings and a sense of longing that Mia had intentionally buried.

As she begins to consider a new life–one away from the stress and excess of Wall Street–the past comes calling, jeopardizing her whole future.


Lagging Indicators by Jennifer Anglade Dahlberg is a phenomenal, original story about a strong, confident black woman, Mia, who is committed to her job, and has successfully worked her way to the top at a boutique firm, as an executive. But then, everything comes tumbling down. Humiliated and without money, Mia moves to upstate New York to a cottage that is falling apart. Fear of failure and unemployment plagues her, as she plans an attempt to regain her stature and status. But then, unexpectedly, she runs into an attractive unwed father who kindles, within her heart, new and exciting feelings of yearning and desire. Feeling vulnerable, Mia starts to ponder a new life free of the weight, pressure and excessiveness of Wall Street. However, her past refuses to release her, and threatens her future, while attempting to hinder her from enjoying a peaceful, beautiful and fulfilling life.

Lagging Indicators by Jennifer Anglade Dahlberg is a must read, captivating and compelling story. It is an unusually, authentic romance and mystery story revolving around the world of finance and strong women in the work field, which is normally and dominantly lead by white men. I couldn’t put Lagging Indicators down and turned the pages quickly to find out what would become of Mia, an intelligent, competent woman, not dependent upon a man, and after years of work, achieving success, she loses it all. The reader will wonder why it all came crashing down on her, and be totally engaged and interested to find the answers. Will she be able to reinvent herself after so many unexpected events? This unpredictable, intriguing book will have readers asking many questions as they read on to determine the answers and outcome of Mia and the life she chooses. All the questions are answered, and readers will appreciate the many turns that this story takes.

Lagging Indicators is so profoundly relevant to today’s modern woman in the work field, and to those who would like to change their lives. It is filled with intense drama and enticing romance. It reminded me of TV shows like Scandal, The Good Wife and Billions. This book is unputdownable, entertaining and fascinating. The characters are well developed with alluring and relatable personalities and characteristics. Jennifer Anglade Dahlberg’s descriptive writing captured and kept me on the scene eagerly watching on as the remarkable story unfolded. She is an exemplary writer, giving the reader a narrative and plot that is absorbing, detailed and fully accomplished with all the aspects and elements, in which, an outstanding and distinguished story demands. She writes with a sophisticated, enlightened and intriguing voice, giving readers knowledge about the stress of working in the financial world and all it entails, including the wrong doings and unscrupulousness.

Lagging Indicators by Jennifer Anglade Dahlberg will have readers spellbound while they read about Mia, her struggles, choices, and her interesting unusual life. Chick Lit Cafe gives Lagging Indicators 5 big stars. We highly recommend it to all readers that desire to escape into an unfamiliar world filled with intrigue, romance and a bit of mystery.

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