Gemini by Russ Underwood – Book Review

by Russ Underwood
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Format: Paperback

Alt="gemini"Gemini by Russ Underwood


Fresh out of college, Logan James begins a promising accounting career in Valdosta, Georgia. And he does so completely alone. His life thus far has been plagued by tragedy and the loss of everyone he’s ever loved. But then a persuasive Italian stranger, Maximillian Grati, appears from out of nowhere. Grati lures Logan into a dark career as a mercenary. He promises Logan great wealth, the chance to utilize his festering anger to kill the worst of the criminal world, and the future opportunity to exact revenge for his fiancé’s mysterious death. In exchange, Logan must maintain a strict code of silence about his job and employer, avoid dating anyone from outside Grati’s company, Grati Protection Services (GP$), and can’t leave GP$ for many years to come. Logan convinces himself riches, revenge, and not loving anyone ever again will finally bring him happiness. But, he hadn’t counted on meeting Tiffany Harris in his new, serene Gulf of Mexico hometown of Rosemary Beach, Florida. Her captivating beauty, intense passion, and unadulterated love force Logan to question everything he thought he wanted and pursue this forbidden goddess. He falls head over heels in love with Tiffany despite his employer’s admonishment. But, can he really choose love and leave GP$ behind to risk losing her, too? Or will tragedy, loss, and his shadowy employer control him the rest of his life?


Gemini by Russ Underwood is a powerful, captivating and compelling story filled with romance, passion, suspense and twists and turns. This is a must read book, 5 star novel with a story and plot that is driven, equally and simultaneously, by the threat of danger and the promise of romance.

Trying to move on from the death of his one true love seems impossible to Logan James, when his best buddy, and training partner, discusses it with him during one of their many heart to heart conversations they had shared. He knew that Shaun was only trying to help him to move on from the past, and live his life again. And since they were both working for, the alluring and wealthy, Max Grati, why not take advantage of the many perks their covert, yet enticing, employment opportunity, in which they had both been given by their affluent boss. But Logan cannot seem to shake the beautiful face of his fiancé out of his head, nor his heart. Could he ever love another again? Certainly not how he loved his Mally. Logan is drawn into a dark, secretive and uncompromising world, where he becomes a ruthless mercenary in hopes to attain wealth and revenge for the death of his beloved fiancé. He focuses on his extreme physical and mental training with Max, and to someday seek his ultimate vengeance. Little does Logan know he is in for a mighty surprise when he meets the luscious and taboo, Tiffany Harris. She captures him with an intensity, he never thought could ever exist within someone else. Logan becomes torn and confused about where his path should lead, with emotions running wild, while those exciting feelings resurface themselves, once again.

No matter how difficult it may be, Logan knows he must make the ultimate decision of who, and what he will choose, and in the end he hopes he makes the right one. Gemini by Russ Underwood is a passionate and sensual novel with lots of mysterious foreshadowing. I enjoyed the descriptive scenes Underwood paints with his provocative words and sexy backdrops. Giving the reader the feeling of being a fly on the wall, at times, I felt like I was the one that should be blushing during the provoking ambiance of each page I turned. Each character had a great depth to them that was very enjoyable and made the book very hard to put down.

One of my favorite things I loved about Gemini was that its narrator was a male. It is not often do I get to read such an arousing, yet, suspenseful book told from the man’s perspective. It was a nice change from the norm which I fully appreciated and delighted in. Gemini by Russ Underwood is a great book that anyone would take pleasure in reading. I was drawn in from the very first chapter, and completely engaged, and captivated throughout the entire read. A romantic, steamy suspenseful story that always kept me interested and wondering what would happen next! A must read for your hot and sizzling summer book list!

Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Chick Lit Cafe

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