Is God in That Bottle Cap? by John Sambalino – Book Review

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Is God in That Bottle Cap? A Search for Truth by John D. Sambalino 


One man’s quest to achieve enlightenment through a life of meditation, spirituality, mindful living, self-inquiry, and martial arts •True life story demonstrating the many benefits of meditation, based on the author’s 44 years of daily meditation, more than 40 years of yoga and tai chi, and more than 20 years of qigong •A guidebook to living a life of spirituality.•Written by a follower of the “Classic” spiritual masters: Sri Ramana Maharshi, Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Yogi Amrit Desai, and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.•This book lays out the real-life reasons why you should meditate, and the many benefits you can hope to achieve from your efforts. It does not tell or show you how to meditate. Journey with the author on a life-long quest to uncover the Ultimate Truth, that hidden reality that is the very essence of you and all that surrounds you. To answer the simple question “What’s it all about?” The first part of the book takes you on his more than 40-year journey of discovery, including trips to India, Egypt, and the sacred regions of the Himalayan Mountains. Join his meditations at many week and months-long meditation training sessions. Enjoy his storytelling, parables, and adventures in self-discovery. Let his most personal experiences be your inspiration to start your own journey. Proven methods of self-realization and profound revelations are discussed in great (yet non-judgmental) detail as you travel his inspiring road to what the sages term “Enlightenment!.“ The second part of the book has the author attempting to describe the indescribable, as he shares what he has learned through his lifelong personal spiritual journey. “Enlightenment is the realization of one’s true Self, our true Being. Not our constantly changing body, thoughts, and emotions that we take to be who we are, but rather, the never changing, pure awareness, or consciousness that lets us say: my body, my thoughts, my emotions. “Happiness, contentment, and tranquil well-being are all parts of what he learned and experienced, leading him to finally pronounce “I’m just this seemingly nutty, crazy guy, who learned not to take anything too seriously, as all is not as it appears!

Book review:

Is God in That Bottle Cap? A Search for Truth by John D. Sambalino is an interesting and compelling autobiography and memoir which tells the story of the author’s personal spiritual and philosophical journey to discover the truth.

In his wonderfully engaging memoir, John D. Sambalino talks about his personal life, education, career, marriage and having children. He is a regular guy who embarked on a lifelong spiritual journey which he has shared with others through his knowledgeable, humorous and authentic voice, bringing inspiration, hope and a new way of being to all seekers and readers. Through practices such as; mindfulness, meditation, inner awareness and martial arts, Sambalino has been on a lifelong quest to achieve enlightenment and true happiness. His journey has taken him on many travels to unique places around the world, and the stories he tells of his experiences are truly phenomenal, interesting and entertaining. As a follower of the “Classic Masters,” Sambalino teaches the secrets and encourages others to make a habit of daily meditation, and his real life stories will motivate and reveal the reasons why one should make it a priority. As a truth seeker, Sambalino believes that God is found in life’s experiences. When he began martial arts he found that the practice is a form of spiritual disciple. When he had an intense experience of unity and oneness with everything that surrounded him, by means of a transcendent encounter, he was elated and realized there was something to it and began to deepen his search for “what’s it all about?”. Now, many years later after putting into practice the things he learned and discusses in his book, along with the exciting stories of his journey, readers can learn from his extensive knowledge, his techniques and methods to achieve enlightenment and find their true being. As I read about John Sambalino’s life long journey, exotic travels, detailed experiences and practices and how he found the answers to true contentment, happiness and peace, I was fully inspired, motivated and excited to start my own spiritual journey. I especially loved how he concludes that we are not to take things so seriously, and not everything is what it seems. What a revelation for me!

Is God in That Bottle Cap? A Search for Truth by John D. Sambalino is a fabulous, well written memoir of one man’s lifelong journey to find the truth and for spiritual enlightenment. I truly believe that it is the only book on the subject that an interested person would ever need to read. It is infused with knowledge, real life experiences and self-help information written by a smart, unassuming, down-to-earth kind of guy. Highly recommended by Chick Lit Cafe!

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