The End Is Where We Begin by P D Donnelly

by P D Donnelly
Genres: Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Pages: 143
Format: Paperback
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The End Is Where We Begin by P D Donnelly


The world is ending, those who survive have to fight for their lives. Day to day life becomes a distant memory for Kip. Will she win through, scavenging, fighting and killing and who will she lose along the way?

Book review:

The End Is Where We Begin by P D Donnelly is an apocalyptic tale aimed at the teen and Young Adult reader. The day seems like any other normal day to Kip and her mother during a routine trip to the supermarket, but shopping is probably the last normal thing that the family will ever do. Suddenly people are acting weirdly, and murder is on every corner. No-one can be trusted and Kip and her family, and a growing group of survivors, have to stay one step ahead of the Tams, once ordinary people who have become contaminated by a virus that takes away their ‘human’ traits and turns them into cannibalistic killers.

Hiding away in a remote farmhouse, the group struggle against unidentified forces to secure their very survival, never knowing who can be trusted and who has murderous intentions. In the blink of an eye everything that Kip took for granted is at risk. Will life ever be ‘normal’ again?

The author, P D Donnelly, has woven a clever web of deception, horror, surprise and action in this fast-paced tale of what could well signify the end of the world. Great characters have been crafted and developed to cement this story into a fascinating mixture of science fiction, science fantasy, dystopian and horror, all mixed with survivalist and adventure. The scenarios entwined in the story are believable and credible given the suspected source of the virus and will have the reader avidly turning pages to find out more.

The End Is Where We Begin grips from the outset and soon has the reader totally immersed, barely pausing for breath as it unfolds. Who can be trusted, where are lost loved ones and family, where will the next meal come from, and what happens when the electricity finally fails? Just a hint of some of the problems facing the group as they fight for their survival. Aimed at a reader age 12-18 this Young Adult apocalyptic adventure will be sure to keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end – and then not to give too much away you will be craving more.

A great family of characters that need to go on to have more adventures – if they ever survive the Tams (contaminates) in The End is Where We Begin, this book will have you sleeping with the light on for a while. Chick Lit Café is proud to recommend The End Is Where We Begin by P D Donnelly to teens and young adult readers that love apocalyptic, dystopian and Sci-Fi stories filled with action, adventure and the desperate need to survive.
Book reviewed by Jane Finch for Chick Lit Café.

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