New York Minute (The Green Berets) by Bob Mayer

New York Minute (The Green Berets) by Bob Mayer
Series: The Green Berets

Published by Cool Gus on June 24, 2019
Genres: Historical Fiction, Military Thriller, Mystery, Suspense
Pages: 384
Format: AudioBook, Kindle, Paperback
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New York Minute (The Green Berets) by Bob Mayer


First Blood meets Breaking Bad, but this time the bad protects the innocent.

The last time former Green Beret Will Kane was involved in killing someone it made the cover of LIFE Magazine

Eight years later he’s getting pushed to the edge of that precipice he vowed never to go over again.

New York City, summer 1977. The Bronx is burning. The twin towers of the new World Trade Center loom over the skyline. Son of Sam. Star Wars. Studio 54. The Five Families. The city faces bankruptcy and unrest seethes.

On the dark streets of a city the rest of the country believes is going down the toilet, Vietnam vet Kane’s life mirrors his hometown.

Carrying a past cratered with death and tragedy, Kane has been working as a ‘fixer’ for a high-priced lawyer since returning to New York in disgrace. But is he really fixing anything?

It begins when he takes a compromising picture as part of the job. As the long hot summer boils, so does Kane as the mob, the CIA, the IRA and other forces are brought to bear on him. What they all seem to have forgotten, and Kane wishes he could, is that he is a highly trained and experienced warrior.

A skilled killer.

What should a good man do when faced with evil that the law can’t touch?

Kane faces threats, betrayal and shadows from his past, and then, on 13 July 1977, the Blackout occurs and Kane explodes.

For fans of the Green Beret series of books, this book is a prelude to the entire series, and introduces a new character in his own series. Dave Riley is here as Will Kane’s 17 year old younger cousin.

This book will be followed by Will Kane in Lawyers, Guns and Money, also set in New York City in 1977, publishing on 16 September

Then Walk On The Wild Side on 9 December 2019

Publishers Weekly reference The Line: “Mayer has crafted a thriller in the tradition of John Grisham’s The Firm.”

Chick Lit Cafe’s review:

New York Minute (The Green Berets) a Will Kane Novel by Bob Mayer is described by the author as a prelude to the Green Berets series. William Kane is a highly trained former Green Beret and a survivor of the Vietnam War with a past he chooses to forget, such as the barbaric atrocities of war, the constant reminders that he sees in daily life, and especially the tragic loss of a friend. Having been off the radar for five years, Will returns to his hometown and tries to exist quietly whilst working for a lawyer as a loosely billed investigator. That lawyer just happens to be his lost friend’s sister. While on a case attempting to take compromising photographs of a wayward husband, Will’s supposedly quiet life becomes a battle for survival as it transpires the wayward husband is one of the city’s notorious gangsters. Will becomes embroiled with the seedy side of New York life, not to mention being wanted by the CIA and other mobs, as he tries to right wrongs, protect the innocent, and battle for his very survival. Add to that his own private battles, including a family tragedy, and William Kane finds himself reluctantly fighting another war he wanted no part of.

The author, Bob Mayer, has already crafted a very successful Green Beret series and New York Minute is the perfect prelude to the series by giving the reader a taste of William Kane’s past, of the tragedies he has battled, and of his skill and resilience as a trained killing machine, as well as a glimpse inside his head of his personal ghosts fears and regrets. The writing is exceptional. Fast-paced, visual, and with characters that jump out of the pages and haunt your dreams. Just when you think a character is the worst human being to be stalking the streets of New York, another is created that makes the first look like a pussy cat. The character of William Kane is endearing, and the reader cannot fail to feel empathy for him as he tries to bring his own form of justice to the streets of New York, a testament to the skill of the author.

The story hooks the reader from the start, gathering pace and ending in a crescendo that leaves the reader breathless. William Kane will rival Jack Reacher and Maverick and the storyline equal to any Mission Impossible scenario. An amazing, well written and informed piece of writing from an already acclaimed writer, New York Minute will have you on the edge of your seat from the outset. Chick Lit Café New York Minute by award winning author, Bob Mayer!
Reviewed by Jane Finch for Chick Lit Café.

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