Day One: Birth is a Death Sentence by Don Sedei

DAY ONE: Birth is a Death Sentence by Don Sedei
Series: Kachada Series

Genres: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
Format: Hard Cover, Kindle, Paperback
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Day One: Birth is a Death Sentence (Kachada Series Book One) by Don Sedei


From the beginning, Kachada knew his life was destined to be anything but normal when his mother whispered in his ear at birth. “Kachada. Remember: Birth is a death sentence, so make every minute count.” At an early age, Kachada is forced to live his future not by the years or months but by the minute. This unlikely tale, where two parallel universes—the chilling ancestral traditions of the Comanche Tribe and the ruthless code of the Sicilian Mafia—mysteriously intersect will make your palms sweat as your emotions ricochet between loving, crying, hating, praying, and cheering for Kachada as the riddles of his malevolent past help him to cope with his precarious future. He courts death like a smitten lover chasing every new minute as a second chance at life taking us on an unimaginable journey vowing to mete out justice to those who deserve it most, promising to leave no enemy alive. You might like to make your friends aware of this ruthless assassin named Kachada before he decides to drop in on them unexpectedly. The best way to do so is by reading, Day One: Birth is a death sentence, an intense fiction thriller and the first of a three-part series that will reside on the backside of your eyelids causing many a restless night.

CLC’s review:

Day One: Birth is a Death Sentence (Kachada Series Book One) by Don Sedei takes the reader into the world of Kachada, a man who is part Comanche Indian and part Sicilian, so with such a heritage there can only be an action-packed story ahead. Travel with Kachada as he relives his early childhood, his relationships with his family both Comanche and Sicilian, and learns the truth about his father. He finds love, discovers an anger within him he is often unable to control, and finds a world he had no idea existed and one he is reluctant to become a part of. When his own mortality is on the line, Kachada is determined and diligent in his search for the perpetrators of heinous crimes, seeking his own kind of justice in a world where morality seems unknown. Add to that Kachada’s inner desire to right wrongs and punish bullies and Day One is a roller-coaster of a read that will have you gasping for breath in the way that many of Kachada’s victims gasp. But Kachada struggles, torn between his Comanche heritage and his Sicilian blood and so he is conflicted his whole life journey. When he eventually finds out the truth about his mother’s apparent disregard for him and lack of love, and his father’s death, Kachada sets out on a mission to seek revenge.

The writing is fast-paced and visual and told from Kachada’s point of view throughout, so taking the reader into his very mind and soul. The reader will root for his family, for his friends, will despise those who betray him, and welcome those who help him or show him kindness. The style of writing is refreshingly different, almost autobiographical, as Kachada tells his story. The character himself is likeable even though he is a merciless killer when needed, but the reader does not care because they understand his Indian heritage and the importance of his ancestors; this is explained as he prays for the souls of all whose lives have been taken by the murderers he pursues. Sometimes when you come to the end of a story and there is still one end to be tied up, it’s annoying, but in this case it’s exciting that the story is not over and Kachada has to continue his pursuit of one particular perpetrator who has eluded him. Day One: Birth is a Death Sentence (Kachada Series Book One) by Don Sedei is the first in a fantastic series of three, and every reader of this book will not be able to contain themselves to continue Kachada’s quest.

Kudos to the author, Don Sedei, for a well-written, action-packed adventure that will have everyone desperate to see Kachada finally get his man.

Chick Lit Café highly recommends this fascinating book and would like to give special recognition to Don Sedei for his excellent, intriguing and captivating book cover for Day One!

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