Lily’s Homecoming Under Fire by Anna Celeste Burke

Lily's Homecoming Under Fire by Anna Celeste Burke
Series: Calla Lily Mystery Series

on March 3, 2019
Genres: Action, Cozy Mystery, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Thriller
Pages: 240
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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Lily’s Homecoming Under Fire Calla Lily Mystery  #1 (Calla Lily Mystery Series) by Anna Celeste Burke


In California’s wine country, someone wants Lily dead. When Lily Callahan returns home to California’s wine country, sparks fly amid a hail of bullets as she and U.S. Marshall Austin Jennings take cover. Money, fame, and love all come into play as motives when Lily and Austin try to find out who sent hired guns to kill Lily. The trouble begins soon after her beloved Aunt Lettie dies and leaves her estate to Lily—is it about the money? Or, is life imitating art? Lily’s trouble-making character in a long-running TV soap was recently killed by a paid hitman. Is a crazed fan trying to end Lily’s life as well as her acting career? Did her agent borrow a page from the script after Lily dismissed him? Lily’s surprised to find an old flame waiting for her when she returns home. Has he reached the point that if he can’t have her, nobody can? If it’s about an old love that’s become dangerous, the new one that propels Lily and Austin into each other’s arms won’t help. Life in small-town California wine country is a tangled vine of mystery, suspense, and intrigue. Grab your copy of the first book in the Calla Lily Mystery Series by USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author, Anna Celeste Burke to meet Lily and Austin.

Chick Lit Cafe’s review:

Lily’s Homecoming Under Fire Calla Lily Mystery #1 by best-selling author Anna Celeste Burke takes readers on a roller coaster ride of murder, suspense, mystery and romance – all set in the beautiful California wine country.

Lily Callahan is a lovely young woman and an ex-soap opera actress. Along with her Miniature Pinscher, Marlowe, she returns to her home town in the beautiful California wine country for her Aunt Lettie’s funeral. She barely gets there when all hell breaks loose. Lily’s homecoming is met with a near death disaster when shots are fired, bullets fly and she barely escapes with her life. U.S. Marshal Austin Jennings is there to help save her life, and needs to know who could possibly want her dead. Lily’s dysfunctional family reunites for the reading of Aunt Lettie’s will and Lily ends up inheriting everything, including the vineyards. This does not sit well with the rest of the family. Lily’s life becomes chaotic and those around her are coming up dead. Austin Jennings stays by Lily’s side wanting to protect, and get to know her – and sparks begin to fly between them. But, Lily’s life is in danger and someone wants her dead. But who? Who put the hit out on Lily’s life? Readers will be guessing as there are many suspects in this fast-paced cozy mystery filled with twists and turns and unexpected surprises. Lily’s Homecoming is an intriguing mystery, and a gripping page-turner. From the very first chapter I was completely drawn in with the intense action and captivating start of what promises to be a remarkable, suspenseful story. Anna Celeste Burke has created a thrilling unpredictable storyline and riveting plot, with unique, quirky and well developed characters. Readers will love and relate to the fascinating main characters, Lily and Austin, while the interesting personalities of Lily’s relatives and friends brings certain depth, thought provoking clues and extra added fun and entertainment. What really makes Lily’s Homecoming shine is author, Anna Celeste Burke’s excellent expressive writing style. She brings life to every page with her amazing descriptions of the settings in the abundant vineyards of the wine country. I was fully impressed with the writing of the dialog between the characters and their individual inward thoughts. There is a lot going on in this story which has a solid plot, likable and interesting characters, intriguing and mysterious storyline and some inviting romance. I couldn’t put this book down with the murders, mystery, suspense and compelling characters, it has to be one of the best, most intriguing cozy mysteries I have had the pleasure of reading in a long time. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

Chick Lit Café highly recommends #1 by best-selling author Anna Celeste Burke to all cozy mystery readers and those who want to escape to the extravagant, lush and distinguished setting of the California wine country.

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  1. Wow! great review of what sounds like a really good cozy. Love it! I really enjoy Chick Lit Cafe’s reviews and book suggestions. I will be adding this book to my TBR list for sure.