One: Sydney Jones Series by Carolyn M Bowen

by Carolyn M. Bowen
Series: Sydney Jones Series

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One (Sydney Jones Series #3) by Carolyn M Bowen.

One: Sydney Jones Series by Carolyn M Bowen

Expect to be blown away by Carolyn Bowen’s newest thriller in the Sydney Jones Series — ONE.

Sydney’s daredevil attitude for taking on legal cases most would run from catches her in a snare. Will she use common sense and leave the past behind or is it too late?

Walker the father of her son is dead. She had suspicions about his abandonment after the Rockstar Roxanne’s murder investigation was announced a suicide. Could his death be related to what she believed to be the CIA’s intervention?

A summer vacation with her son in Barbados was warranted. Enemies from her past were already scouting out the island for their next move. Was there no place she could have peace?

She makes new friends on the island. Godwin appears in Sydney’s life after booking a charter for her son’s first salt-water fishing trip. She has no idea how deep the friendship goes between the two, but her son appeared happier since arriving.

Reality sets in upon returning home to Atlanta. She’d made many enemies from her personal injury and human trafficking cases. Would her first day back at work be the day the assassin’s bullet hit its mark?

Her friend and confidant, Director Thomason of the GBI insisted she has a worst-case scenario plan for her son’s care. Would the plan be carried out in her absence? And, would her son inherit a perpetual target on his back? There were no options for protecting David, except the truth which could be as catastrophic as the world news.

This spellbinding new novel by the imaginative Carolyn Bowen will hold you in suspense until you turn the final page. Scroll up to tap the link to buy now and dive deep into the electrifying action of this novel.


ONE the 3rd novel in the Sydney Jones Series by Carolyn M Bowen is an enthralling fast-paced thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the very first page. Well crafted, full of action with thought-provoking narrative, this suspenseful novel is an extremely exciting, delightful read that had me hooked from the get-go.

Our protagonist is Sydney Jones, a fabulous, thrill-seeking lawyer who isn’t afraid to take on the types of cases most people would avoid. She is a truly likable character who decides to take her son on holiday in Barbados for a much-needed break. As you can imagine, Sydney isn’t the kind of person who lays back and does nothing. She is soon making new friends and trying to put her chaotic past behind her. However, things soon get heated and trouble quickly raises its ugly head, but our hero doesn’t shy away.

We learn that Sydney is a smart, kind, and savvy woman. After a murder occurs on the island, she soon begins to suspect an outsider – rather than one of the locals. Already targeted by the criminal underworld she can’t help but get involved and Sydney’s life soon takes an astonishing dangerous turn. All the action and surprising twists and turns this story takes kept me turning the pages quickly hungering for more. I was fully captivated by and immersed in Carolyn M Bowen’s amazing descriptive writing style, incredible characters, astounding narrative, and extraordinarily clever and thrilling plot.

ONE is book 3 in the Sydney Jones Series which stands on its own as a truly extraordinary read. I’m sure you’ll totally enjoy and be fascinated by it as much as I was and find yourself caught up in the anticipation, suspense, and excitement. This unbelievably fantastic thriller also touches on modern themes many people will identify with.

As well as being a mesmerizing, imaginative and well-written story, set in a sun-drenched island of paradise in the Caribbean, ONE is a must-read for thriller and suspense lovers the world over. I could read this one again!! Chick Lit Café is proud to recommend and feature – One (Sydney Jones Series #3) by Carolyn M Bowen.

Don’t miss out on this thrilling read!! Purchase “One (Sydney Jones Series #3) by Carolyn M Bowen.”
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