A Cozy Mystery…With Cupcakes and Zombies by Duncan Whitehead

A Cozy Mystery…With Cupcakes and Zombies by Duncan Whitehead
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Get ready for a delightful mix of baking, mystery, parody, and the undead in “A Cozy Mystery…With Cupcakes and Zombies!” Join the privileged and materialistic sleuth, Poppy Darling, as she trades in her Burberry apron for a Gucci detective hat to tackle the most peculiar murder case she has ever encountered.

When the local vicar informs her about the death of his congregation’s most hated member, things take a turn for the bizarre as the deceased seems to have risen from the grave as a zombie! Armed with her trusty rolling pin and a knack for getting herself into sticky situations, Poppy sets out to unravel the mystery of who killed Bob Bird and the added mystery of his reanimated corpse. With the help of her quirky friend, Chelsea Sweetheart, and her not-so-friendly cat, Tuxedo Mike, she’ll sift through clues and sift the flour in a race against time to find the killer!

A parodic and humorous tale that contains every cliche in the book that will leave you craving cupcakes and craving to join Poppy on this thrilling adventure. “A Cozy Mystery…With Cupcakes and Zombies!” is a fresh take on the classic cozy mystery genre that will have readers laughing and shaking their heads in equal measure. So, roll up your sleeves and prepare for a killer good time in this wickedly funny and deliciously satirical novel. Brush up on your detective skills, and don’t forget to preheat the oven—this is one mystery worth sinking your teeth into! Oh, and there are recipes.

Chick Lit Book Cafe review:

Skilled author Duncan Whitehead has done it again with his latest novel-A Cozy Mystery…With Cupcakes and Zombies page-turning wonder that is bound to leave you bemused, humored, and wholly intrigued from start to finish!

This isn’t your typical cozy mystery. And Poppy Darling isn’t your typical detective. She’s wealthy, loves to bake, and is occasionally snobbish. But she has a good heart, shown by her love and care for the local orphans. When she smells a mystery, she eagerly jumps right in. But this time, things are different. A local man is murdered and then rises to life again, and things just get murkier and murkier. But don’t worry, no one can stop Poppy and her cupcakes.

Duncan Whitehead is a marvelously creative author. He ingeniously defies convention. He has thought of every clever clichéd trope and wound them into one brief and entertaining novel. Poppy’s character is unusual and quite feminine. While her cat, Tuxedo Mike, makes for an amusing assistant sleuth, adding levity to certain situations. Even though things like zombies are given away in the title, there are a lot of pleasant surprises within the plot.

From its witty dialogue to its nail-biting suspense, every aspect of this book is crafted to perfection, ensuring a riveting ride to the discovery of the killer. A fun, satirical parody of popular tropes, is a memorable novel that you won’t regret reading! It is a compact humorous satire of the cozy-mystery genre, fully self-aware and mischievous with a fun bonus feature of narrative-inspired recipes  and an appetizing catalog of cupcake recipes pulled straight from the mystery. This hilarious one-of-a-kind cozy mystery satire and clever parody comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Book Café. Book read and reviewed by Iris Fuller for Chick Lit Book Café.

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A Cozy Mystery…With Cupcakes and Zombies by Duncan Whitehead
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