Moon Mountain – Two Book Series by Jess Porto

Moon Mountain & Isle of Stars by Jess Porto
Series: Moon Mountain 2 Book Series

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From Book 1: Moon Mountain by Jess Porto

The year is 1997. It’s a Friday night with a full moon in the sky. And it’s Halloween.

Morgan Thomas and her best friend and roommate, Sheridan, plan to make it a night to remember. Having recently started her senior year at Clarkes College in the inimitably charming country town of Moon Mountain, North Carolina, Morgan feels this year could be her best yet.

But Morgan’s world begins to unravel on this chilly autumn night.

First, she encounters a mysterious stranger at a friend’s costume party and is unnerved by their chilling silence and peculiar behavior. Then, as if the encounter wasn’t enough to put her on edge, she wakes in the middle of the night to find herself lying on the ground in the vast forest that borders Moon Mountain, with no recollection of how she got there. But before she can make sense of the perplexing situation, a massive creature hidden among the treetops makes its presence known, sending Morgan running for her life.

She safely finds her way home but soon becomes plagued by recurring dreams of the forest and a haunting, mysterious cabin. And when the friend who threw the party is found bludgeoned to death days later, pieces of an unknown puzzle begin to rise to the surface, causing Morgan to fear her own involvement. But with no memory of it, she is forced to question her sanity and whether all these troubling events are somehow connected.

As Morgan discovers more pieces, including unscrupulous revelations involving Sheridan’s wealthy and influential family, the Gallaghers, she is cast into another world she could never have imagined existed, let alone that she would become the unwitting pawn in a dark and disturbing plan.

What secrets does Moon Mountain hold beneath its dark and seemingly calm surface? Who are the Gallaghers, and what truly lies behind their success and power? Morgan, as well as a young and eager detective on her heels (and her mind), are about to discover that 1997 will be the most extraordinary—and terrifying—year of their lives

Chick Lit Book Cafe’s review for Moon Mountain Book 1

This brilliant murder mystery thriller read has many unique clever themes woven into it causing it to have many eerie and an extraordinary paranormal, supernatural and urban fantasy elements intertwined within the fascinating story—Jess Porto’s, Moon Mountain is a masterpiece that you do not want to miss. Moon Mountain by Jess Porto comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café ~ multi-genres for all readers~

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Chick Lit Cafe Awards First Place to
Moon Mountain by Jess Porto

for best
Murder Mystery, Thriller, & Urban Fantasy
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Morgan Thomas has lost the battle.

Her body? Stolen as a new vessel for a mysterious being.

Her mind? Trapped inside a prison within her subconscious, placated by familiar but lifeless settings as she fades away.

But if her former enemy Vera Gallagher has any say, the war against these shadowy and inhuman thieves has only begun.

Bound to Morgan by a bizarre but providential string of events, Vera strikes the match to light a new path for Morgan, leading her out of the darkness. But with deceptions around every bend, Morgan must ultimately find the strength within herself to break free.

Trekking across mind-bending discoveries and with new mysteries to unravel, including the unexpected fate of the noble detective who sacrificed everything for her, Morgan uncovers the only hope of defeating these monsters. But it lies in the most unlikely of places, setting her on a course to face her most perilous task yet… and one step closer to the ultimate showdown against a ruthless enemy.

“Exceptional,” “thrilling,” “adrenaline-charged,” and “absorbing” would all be excellent words to describe Isle of Stars. It ends on a temptingly strong cliff-hanger, and we can’t wait to read the third masterpiece in this trilogy! Chick Lit Book Café is proud to recommend Isle of Stars: Moon Mountain Trilogy, Book 2 by Jess Porto. Book read and reviewed by Micah Giordonela for Chick Lit Book Café.

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Isle of Stars: Moon Mountain Trilogy, Book 2 by Jess Porto

CLBC International Book Excellence Award Winner
For Best
Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller 
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Jess Porto


Jess Porto grew up in the Adirondack region of upstate New York and subsequently moved to a handful of other states, including Illinois, Iowa, where she graduated from high school and attended Iowa State University, then to South Carolina, Florida, and North Carolina.

Jess graduated from Southwest Florida College with an Associate of Science degree in interior design. After various positions in retail, construction, and design, she is currently the marketing director for her longtime employer in Florida and works from home in North Carolina, which allows her more time for writing.
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Chick Lit Cafe Awards First Place to
Moon Mountain Series by Jess Porto
CLBC International Book Excellence Award Winner For Best
Murder Mystery, Supernatural Thriller, Science Fiction & Urban Fantasy Series

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